Ten Pictures of Animals in Scuba Diving Gear Who Are Diving Professionals

If there is one thing I have always wanted to do in my life it is to go scuba diving. Not too deep, but just enough to visit the coral reefs and see all those wonderful colourful fishes and sea life that I so often see on the telly or in aquariums. But my lack of swimming skills means I might well make it to the bottom alive, but that would be my lot. What I need is some advice, so today I am asking questions and getting tips from this little lot…


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Top 10 Funny Animals in Scuba Diving Gear
Cat that was in Scuba Diving Gear

10 – “I am not putting the gear back on just for one picture!”

Scuba Cats Fact: Wetsuits work as well as they do because the neoprene contains small pockets of Nitrogen gas which is a poor conductor of heat be it hot or cold!

Dog in Scuba Diving Gear

9 – “Blood? No this isn’t blood, it is ketchup, I always get hungry before a dive.”

Scuba Dogs Fact: Why not try something different and go altitude diving! This is underwater diving when the surface is 300 meters (1,000 feet) above sea level and it is in crystal clear lakes and volcanic pools.

Horse in Scuba Diving Gear

8 – “But they said the race track was water-logged!”

Scuba Horses Fact: A mask one of the pieces of scuba diver equipment, but it’s water tight aspect is just part of it as it also helps to correct a light refraction error that would be caused by water’s direct contact with the eye-ball! (It means you can see underwater.)

Cat in Scuba Diving Gear

7 – “Just wait until that fish turns around, it will have a heart attack!”

Scuba Cats Fact: There is an indoor inverted tower called “Nemo 33″ and its deepest pool is a 34.5-meter (113-ft) below ground! Very deep indeed.

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Dog in Scuba Diving Gear

6 – “I don’t normally jump into freezing cold water for a ball, but when I do…”

Scuba Dogs Fact: Despite being a lot of fun diving is a very dangerous sport, in fact just diving below 30 meters means you experience nitrogen narcosis, an effect that can lead to unconsciousness and even death!”

Horse in Scuba Diving Gear

5 – “I always take Scuba pug for a walk this way.”

Scuba Horses Fact: Scuba diving first started in the middle of World War II and described the act of Navy divers who used oxygen to attach bombs to enemy ships from beneath the surface of the water! Like navy seals style.

Cat in Scuba Diving Gear

4 – “The moment I see a fish I am ready to dive!”

Scuba Cats Fact: The depth us humans can dive to is limited by the laws of nature and recreational divers are limited to 130 feet. Although you can go much deeper it is very dangerous indeed and takes years of practice.

Dog in Scuba Diving Gear

3 – “Sometimes when the ball goes in the water it sinks, but I am prepared!”

Scuba Dogs Fact: Despite all the problems and perils that goes with the sport of diving there is usually only one or two scuba fatality worldwide each and every year.

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Horse in Scuba Diving Gear

2 – “I’m was once a sea-horse!”

Scuba Horses Fact: Children as young as 3yrs old can scuba dive. Most people believe it is only something for adults, but there are plenty of classes out there for the little ones.

Cat in Scuba Diving Gear

1 –  “I do it for the fresh fish!”

Scuba Cats Fact: Did you know that “Scuba” is in fact an acronym that stands for “Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.” Well, I learn something here that is for sure.

Author: Gus Barge

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