Ten of the Worlds Most Amazing Hot Rods You Will Ever See

The other day I went to a car show and saw some amazing handmade hot rods, all customs of course. Most of them are older American cars with oversized engines, but as for why they are called hot rods not even wiki seemed to know, but who cares about names, when they look as good as this…


Top 10 Most Amazing Hot Rods
Cougar Collison Hot Rod

10 – Cougar Custom

Ask most people on Canada who builds the best custom hot rods, most people will tell you it is Cougar customs. They have been doing it for a very long time indeed and you can see from this custom hot rod they know exactly what they are doing.

Top 10 Most Amazing Hot Rods
Retro Batman Hot Rod

9 – Batman

The funny thing about the concept design of this retro Batman hot rod car is that in the real TV show the drove around and come up with much, much worse! In fact, this is tame compared to the TV show writers minds, but very cool none the less.

Top 10 Most Amazing Hot Rods
Truck Hot Rod

8 – Truck

There are lots of these lorries and truck styled hot rods out there, but this one is simply amazing. Apparently is a Peterbuilt roadster underneath it all.

Top 10 Most Amazing Hot Rods
Coffin Hot Rod

7 – Coffin

This might look like 1 amazing coffin, but it couldn’t make it into my post “Top 10 Unusual Coffins” because this Adams Family inspired hot rod is a real working road car!

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Top 10 Most Amazing Hot Rods
Bunk Bed Hot Rod

6 – Bunk Bed

It would sure get some double looks as it goes down the road, but despite the silly looks, it is also quite a nice hot rod underneath it as well.

Top 10 Most Amazing Hot Rods
Gold Hot Rod

5 – Gold

The Ridler Award (named after Don Ridler) is said to be the ultimate award for expression for custom design excellence. So it goes without saying that this hot rod called “Gold Digger” came away from a show with one.

Top 10 Most Amazing Hot Rods
Wooden Hot Rod

4 – Wood

The whole hot rod culture is all about having a unique style, it just takes someone with lots of creativity. Larry Andersen who owns this has creativity pouring out of him, more than enough to make this stunning wooden hot rod.

Top 10 Most Amazing Hot Rods
Lego Hot Rod

3 – Lego Hot Rod

Now I love playing and building things with Lego, but Australian Steve Sammartino built this amazing full-size hot rod, that is an actual working car from Lego. And to make it environmentally friendly he made it air powered as well.

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Top 10 Most Amazing Hot Rods
Carbon Fiber Hot Rod

2 – Carbon Fiber

This is not the new Batman car, this is a designer hot rod concept by Jans Slapins. With carbon fibre everything it is simply stunning to look at and would make some car-loving millionaire very happy indeed.

Top 10 Most Amazing Hot Rods
Hotrod RV

1 – RV

When it comes to touring hot rods, it just doesn’t get any more head turning and jaw-dropping than this RV (caravan) styled one. Custom built to perfection the black and yellow style of the hot rod really makes it stand out.

Author: Gus Barge

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