Top 10 Adventures to do During Covid-19 Lockdown

Top 10 Adventures to do During Covid-19 Lockdown

Lockdown took a toll on all of us, and you might feel trapped and uneasy about the situation unravelling every day. However, staying at home during a pandemic doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. With this in mind, we are determined to show you some ways you can spice up your lockdown. You don’t have to do anything extraordinary to do all of these, and all it all takes is a bit of imagination and will. Also, a smile wouldn’t hurt, too.

With that said, here are our top 10 adventures to embark on during COVID-19 lockdown.

Try Something New

This is probably our top suggestion since there is nothing to do anyway. You can take up all of those things that you have been postponing while out of lockdown. Go and start dance lessons, a yoga class, learn a new language or take up baking. You can also start a bit of gardening to fill your time. Any adventure comes when one steps out of their comfort zone. This is the trick. You can also purchase some home fitness gear and start working out. Set up a challenge with your family who can do the most workouts or do them together. Turn the frown upside down, and you might come out of lockdown as a changed person in the healthiest and best way possible.

Set up Online Game Nights with Your Friends

Another thing you can do is set up game nights with your friends, let’s say every Friday. You can play all sorts of fun games and compete with each other. Make some cocktails and set up Zoom meetings to enjoy your favourite titles. This way, you can still chat with one another and make your days more fun and enjoyable. If you own a console, you can try out some games both on your PC and console. However, you feel like the Internet will never make you feel isolated.
You can also have movie nights and watch the same Netflix movie or series and then have a chat about it. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the ride.

Read, Read, Read

Read, Read, Read

You can always have an adventure while reading some good adventure, mystery, or fantasy books. Get in the shoes of your favourite characters and live through their sorrows and happiness. Reading is an excellent way to get away from the screens and enjoy yourself with a bit of cuppa and a good novel. If you don’t like reading, you can always listen to an audiobook. There are plenty of ways to take up reading – physical copies, Kindle, and audiobook apps. Enjoy!

Local Sightseeing (if possible)

If you can have little walks around your area, you can always explore it further. Take a flask of tea or hot chocolate and walk along your favourite parks, old churches, and monuments. Read about their story. This will not only take you out in the fresh air, but you’ll also learn a lot about your part of the city.

Plan Your Next Trip

This might be quite saddening to think about now that we can’t travel, but it might be uplifting to dream about it. Think about where you would love to go once lockdown is over. Greece? Italy? Spain? So many locations and so little time. Research areas and hotels and just think about when you’ll be boarding a plane and landing in a warm country with your favourite people.

Play Online Casino Games with Friends

Play Online Casino Games with Friends

This is another good suggestion when you’re all tied up in the Covid-19 lockdown. You can go to your favourite online casino or create an account in one and start playing some casual casino games. You can try fruit slots online, table games, live casino, etc. You can even tell your friends who like a bit of gambling to come and play as well. Just picture it: a warm Friday evening, you’re with a glass of cold beverage on the terrace, and you talk with your friends over Zoom while enjoying a live casino session.

Start a Podcast

If you’re a bit shy, this lockdown could be your way to really go out there and speak your mind – through a podcast. Podcasts right now are all the rage, and everyone seems to have one. You can talk about anything you like, and you don’t even have to show your face. Once you get comfortable enough, you can start doing live chats, etc.

Buy yourself a microphone and start recording by yourself or with a friend. Then, if the podcasts turn out good, you can post them online for all to hear.

Try to Cook More

Try to Cook More

Cooking is tricky to do when you’re going to the office and when life takes you into its hands. However, when you’re working from home, and you’re in a lockdown, you can experiment with exciting recipes and take up more cooking.

There are even ready-made boxes with ingredients that you only have to mix and mash together to create a Michelin meal. You can listen to a podcast or an audiobook while the meal is getting ready.

Have a Staycation

If it’s possible, depending on the COVID-19 measures in your place of residence, you can organize a staycation. Staycations are short vacations in a hotel in your own country. You don’t need to cross borders and make PCR tests. Book yourself a good hotel or Airbnb in a town you haven’t been to and enjoy yourself. You can get yourself takeaway meals from local restaurants and enjoy the new place with some good food.

After all, It’s not all doom and gloom in lockdown, isn’t it? You can always find something uplifting. Cheers to that!

Author: Gus Barge

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