Top 10 Amazing Examples of 3D Art in Lifts (Elevators)

When it comes to people’s fear of elevators (we call them lifts here in the UK) it is not so much the lift its self, more what is beneath the lift. Well, what if they had something more interesting to look at? “Top floor please” as we ride the lifts to see what some artists have been terrorising people with…



Top 10 Amazing Examples of 3D Art in Lifts (Elevators)
Stairs 3D Art In A Lift

10 – Stairs –

There are quite a few examples of this sort of 3D art, and these stair campaigns are often aimed at making people think about using the stairs rather than the elevator all the time.

Sky Diving 3D Art In A Lift

9 – Sky Diving –

Need to advertise Skydiving lessons? Well, this is a great way to do it. But the story goes that the company had more complaints by people who fear heights, rather than sales leads.

Shock Drop 3D Art In A Lift

8 –Paint Drop –

Despite a very scary elevator view, this is nothing more than a simple paint job, but the results can easily deceive the mind.

Optical Illusion 3D Art In A Lift

7 – Optical Illusion –

Even a simple floor sticker of an optical illusion can trick our minds into thinking there is some form or danger below. To be fair this is a good eye trick as well.

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Shark Cage 3D Art In A Lift

6 – Shark Cage –

Fancy conquering 2 fears at once? Why not get rid of that fear of both sharks and elevators with this rather fancy 3D art. If only they could have done it with TV screens.

Lion 3D Art In A Lift

5 – Lion –

This is a Guerrilla marketing style advert for the Animal Planet TV channel. Would you step into a lion’s mouth just to avoid the stairs?

Explosion 3D Art In A Lift

4 – Fire Drop –

This is all hand painted to make the elevator floor look like something from a Die Hard movie! If people didn’t have a fear of ride elevators, they would do after seeing this.

Shock Drop 3D Art In A Lift

3 – TV Drop –

Not all 3D art is done with paint and paper, this is done with high definition TV screens and the results are enough to make people jump in shock.

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Shock Drop 3D Art In A Lift

2 – Drop –

Made for an Alton Towers ride called Nemesis: Sub-Terra a lift in a busy shopping mall was kitted out with a 3D shock drop floor and the results are well worth watching.

Shark 3D Art In A Lift

1 – Shark –

It sounds like the idea of a cheap sci-fi movie, sharks in a lift, but this is nothing more than 3D art, and it seems it was more than enough to give this poor gentleman a fright.

Author: Gus Barge

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