Top 10 Novelty and Unusual VW Camper Gift Ideas

Top 10 Novelty and Unusual VW Camper Gift Ideas
Top 10 Novelty and Unusual VW Camper Gift Ideas

The various post I have done has featured all sorts of things that have been shaped to look like the classic Volkswagen Microbus or camper van. Because it seems that when people own the real thing they love them so much and are willing buy all sorts of strange gift ideas and objects that are just like their favourite Kombi’s. These rather vintage vehicles have always made me smile and while I don’t own one myself (because I don’t like camping) maybe I could own one of these…


Top 10 Novelty and Unusual VW Camper Gift Ideas


Volkswagen Campervan styled Lego
Volkswagen Campervan styled Lego

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Now, this is a great start to the top 10 while I can’t afford my own VW Transporter I could afford to get one of these Lego ones. But they are considered rather rare, so keep an eye out for one!

Volkswagen Campervan styled PC case
Volkswagen Campervan styled PC case

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Now, this is more like it! This cool Camper-van inspired PC case looks to be one-off, but I have been told you can buy them on some speciality PC mod shops. But for the love of me,

Volkswagen Campervan styled Tent
Volkswagen Campervan styled Tent

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If you can’t afford a real VW camper-van, why not get a VW camper van-inspired tent! For just less than the price of a set of wheels, you can get ones of these beauties and be the talk of the campsite!

Volkswagen Campervan styled bed
Volkswagen Campervan styled bed

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This amazing VW bed is even better than the one in my post “Top 10 Amazing Bunk Beds” because being a single bed it could, in fact, be an enclosed one as well. I am not a child of the 60’s – 70’s, but I think this looks amazing.

Volkswagen Campervan styled BBQ
Volkswagen Campervan styled BBQ

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While it will hardly set the World alight in design terms this campervan inspired fire pit and BBQ just brings a smile to the face and would be a fantastic talking point at any BBQ.

Volkswagen Campervan styled Bin Stickers
Volkswagen Campervan styled Bin Stickers

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Some people say that the VW camper was rubbish and not the best thing the VW made, but that doesn’t mean that these wheelie bin stickers are not a great idea, in fact, I think that they look rather amazing!

Volkswagen Campervan styled mailbox
Volkswagen Campervan styled mailbox

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While we don’t really have mailboxes like this in the UK I still think this is super cool, the shape looks great, and would bring a smile to any postman’s day. My only moan is that they are little expensive, but then again they are hand-made so maybe not.

Volkswagen Campervan styled office desk
Volkswagen Campervan styled office desk

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This cool  Volkswagen Camper desk is in the office of Danbury MotorCaravans in Yate, Bristol and is one cool way to work! And given that it is inside an office that sells caravans and brand new VW campers it is a touch of genius.

Volkswagen Campervan styled Wash bag
Volkswagen Campervan styled Wash bag

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This Volkswagen Kombi inspired Toiletries Bag is a great little gift for those of use that love these little camper-vans. It would be a great talking point inside a washroom of a camp site.

Volkswagen Campervan styled Fridge
Volkswagen Campervan styled Fridge

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Now, this just brings a smile to the face, this rather amazing refrigerator has been inspired by the VW bus (as it is often called in France and Germany) and looks great! Sadly it is just a one-off, but it is still definitely an absolute must own.

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  14. I’ve found some of those items for sale on a website called campervangift co uk
    Theres loads of cool campervan gifts on there. I could spend some serious money…..

  15. we bought the lego camper for our son for his christmas is 2011 – he was 18 then. I think the tent is a great idea – we actually have a camper a 1993 caravelle – not as gorgeous as the really old ones but we love it and anything to do with vw vans so i loved this post.

  16. Reblogged this on Who Gives A Hoot? and commented:
    We love Doodle bugs at our house. Our daughter particularly likes the VW Bus. Retro. That’s her thing. Both of our kids say they wish they’d grown up in the 50’s. It suits them. These VW Bus campers fit right into our family’s “someday I’d like to have one of these” list. I hope you enjoy seeing these as much as I did. 🙂

  17. Ok I agree there is no room service. As for the WiFi I do have it while camping. I invested in a hot spot so I will never have to be without internet. How else could I work from anywhere? I still say you have to try it the right way. 🙂

  18. I like the bed and the desk best. How can you not like camping? I agree that the roughing it camping in a tent is no fun. I own a pop up camper with air conditioning, heat, three burner stove, fridge, microwave and toilet. It sleep eight and has most of the comforts of home. The good thing is I can park it in the middle of an amazing state park and enjoy nature at its best while still enjoying all the comforts of home. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!

  19. Once on a plane I overheard a lengthy conversation between an older man and a young man on his first overseas trip. (They were sitting next to me, so I wasn’t eavesdropping) The older man said his favourite way to travel in Europe was to buy a train pass, get on the train every night and travel overnight and then get off wherever the train stopped first the next morning and spend the day there, and do the same thing the next night. That way he never paid for accommodation and every day was an adventure. I’m not sure I could be that fancy free, but it sounded like fun.

  20. Now that would be cool. I decided to goto an airport and jump on the next avaliable flight once. It didn’t go well because they thought that it was (in their own words) “weird.”

  21. I would really like to be one of those travellers who comes to a crossroads and tosses a coin to see which way to go, but I’m a bit too controlling. I don’t know if I could handle it!

  22. This is true! Looking on Amazon the detail of the interior and working doors etc is incredible! Dear Santa…

  23. One of my dreams is to drive a VW campervan around the UK, and just tootle wherever we want whenever we want. I could have the barbecue, wash bag and wheelie bin and I would have all necessities covered!

  24. Love the Lego so much I wanna build it! But also very keen on the bins, the letterbox and the fridge. Would it look weird if I teamed the letterbox with the bins at my place?

  25. Reblogged this on Ramblings and Green Tea and commented:
    My goal in life is to have a hippie van. I had a hippie van cake for my 18th Birthday, do it goes without saying that I want every single one of these items.

  26. Must admit the desk is very original. We had friends who had one and they were extras in the movies. they had some times when they were on location and used theirs to sleep in. If they were close to children or grandchildren, they would arrive late at night and sleep in the drive. Next morning the kids or grand kids would find they had arrived and they were surprised and pleased. They had a great time being extras in films – belonged to SAG and SEG.

  27. Your posts are too funny. I can’t decide which I like the most. Now my daughter would love the lego as she loves anything creative that people do with lego. Have you ever done an all lego post? There are some pretty amazing videos and photos of lego creations. If you have, and it can still be seen, could you reply with a link.

  28. That computer case one, does that include the computer inside? I’m just wondering because the price seems pretty steep for just the case.

    More good fun, thanks Russell!

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