Top 10 Novelty, Amazing and Unusual Lip Balms

Here in the UK, those frosty mornings are now starting to kick in and if there is one thing you can suffer from at this time of year its chapped lips. But don’t worry! Simply apply some original lip balm to the sore sections of your lips and they will be feeling much better in no time. But choosing which lip balm is right for you might be easier said than done! It’s time to choose…

Top 10 Novelty, Amazing and Unusual Lip Balms


Top 10 Unusual Lip Balms
Corndog Lip Balm

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Lather up those sore lips and be instantly transported back to happier days. Life was so much simpler when you had no idea how many calories were actually in a corn dog, let alone like us Brits what a corn dog even was! ( It’s a sausage dipped in corn batter and fried)

Top 10 Unusual Lip Balms
French Fry Lip Balm

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“Would you like a Big Mac with that lip balm?” For those that don’t know, a French Fry is a skinny chip. When I first saw this lip balm I thought it was some sort of joke but nope! It really is exactly what it says on the packet.

Top 10 Unusual Lip Balms
Popcorn Lip Balm

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Hold the phone because that great buttery flavoured popcorn taste you know and love is now available in a lip balm! Stop carrying that microwave around town just so you can rub the buttery taste onto your lips, just carry this instead!

Top 10 Unusual Lip Balms
Kiss My Nuts Lip Balm

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Not one that I would offer some poor old lady at a bus stop suffering from chapped lips, but still one that I just had to include just for its silly name. But apparently it does taste rather nice and it is “All Natural Vegan Handmade Lip Balm” after all!

Top 10 Unusual Lip Balms
Bunny Farts Lip Balm

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What is silent and smells like carrots? Bunny Farts! That is what the seller says anyway, but I just think that this is a great talking point with friends and a healthy alternative to all the other non-natural ones out there.

Top 10 Unusual Lip Balms
Pepsi Lip Balm

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Do you like the taste of Cherry Coke? Well in some shops I have seen Cherry Pepsi as well! And what better way to take care of those precious, kissable lips than to use this great looking (can’t comment on the taste yet) Wild Cherry Pepsi!

Top 10 Unusual Lip Balms
Reese´s Lip Balm

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Reese’s Pieces introduces this amazing peanut butter flavoured lip balm! Your favourite little chocolate pieces will always be on your lips whenever you apply this lip balm and it contains less than 1 calorie per lip wipe!

Top 10 Unusual Lip Balms
Unicorn Farts Lip Balm

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Ever wondered what a Unicorn tastes like? What about farts? Then why not combine the two great tastes in this one amazing lip balm! In reality, it tastes like spearmint and pink cotton candy and is, in fact, a natural beeswax and Shea cocoa butter lip balm.

Top 10 Unusual Lip Balms
Pickle Lip Balm

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Dill-flavoured Pickle Lip Balm saves you from having to run an actual briny pickle on your lips in a delicious, but misguided, attempt to use pickle power to protect them. Does it work? Well for just a few pounds you can find out!

Top 10 Unusual Lip Balms
Bacon Lip Balm

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Does everyone love bacon? I only ask because it seems some people go so far as to say that everything tastes better with bacon! Well, it is time to find out with this ultimate in weird lip balms, The Bacon Balm! Does it taste like bacon? I have no idea but I am willing to find out!

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  2. I don’t know, we don’t make out.. that would just be wrong! but my cat’s breath smells of cat food… any good?

  3. Love the unicorn farts balm… I have a friend, who’s…well lets just say.. Unicorn crazy… he has 6 of them o_O)

  4. thank you. but it is not as much fun as you might think. The worst bit is trying to find out who originally owns the product or trying to find out it the product is even real! I have wasted a good hour on a single item, trying to find out who sold it old to discover no-one did the image was fake! So no half as much fun as you might think, but interesting none the less.

  5. Your website idea is brilliant and I was quickly scrolling down to look at all the bizarre images you have on every post and honestly.. Unicorn Farts caught my eye. I can’t even imagine how much fun it must be to write these posts! Good job on them and GREAT job finding all these ideas!

  6. Ha,, here in Wales there must be an under he rock colony. I’ve bought the Pepsi one for my daughter and thought that was adventurous. She’s coming to dinner today and I reckon her husband might look askance at me if I tell her ” Hey, sweetie, I got some farts for your lips”.

  7. No don’t feel bad because I didn’t until last week when someone showed me the Fish farts and then I started to find more of then, so it seems we both live under rocks.

  8. Wow! What has the world came to with bunny farts lip barm.But I would like the idea of bacon lip barm:).Or french Fries.Just a bit of nightmare fuel if you eat lip barm.It contains beeswax and Petroleum.Anyway can’t wait till you post a 7:00

  9. She’s now contending she only had a Hersey’s one. When asked what that tasted like, she only said it was a long time ago. Apparently I don’t know much about my wife’s lip balm use, except she doesn’t use it much.

  10. Wow to the list and wow to the product placement on the pickle packaging. The person who designed that perfectly placed pickle lip balm on the pickle and wrote ‘Pucker up!’, definitely has a great sense of humour to sneak that one in! Brilliant. 🙂

  11. oh wow! I laughed at most of these. but I have to admit, I like the bunny and unicorn farts.. hahaha. Just to tell people I have farts on my lips. But truly I might like the Reese’s one simply because I love Reese’s. but it wouldn’t last a day. ha!

  12. a bunny fart will get nowhere near my lips..I’m gonna go for a unicorn fart..they fart rainbows so I might start writing brighter Bwaahahhahahhahhaa

  13. Well, if we had only these to choose from we would have to go with the Pepsi or popcorn flavor…maybe the Reeses now and then. lol

  14. Oh My Lord!!!! This is it..this is the sign…the world really has gone to hell in a hand basket!!!

    Bwaahahhahahhahaha People are InSaNe!!!!!

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