Top 10 Strange and Unusual Canned Foods

When it comes to food I am willing to eat most things, and at least willing to try new foods. But one thing that I really like to eat makes most people feel very ill indeed. You see I like all day breakfast in a tin! With egg, beans, sausage and some sort of potato product I love it. But I do understand that a lot of people hate the very idea of a breakfast in a can. So can I justify eating it by finding other things in a tin that are far worse? You bet I can…

Top 10 Strange and Unusual Canned Foods

Fried Chicken in a can
Fried Chicken in a can

10 – Makes the KFC worker cry!

What amazes me about this is not the fact that it is fried chik’n in a can, not the fact that someone not only invented this but the fact that it is a vegetarian treat! (See comments Section For Details)

Can of haggis
Can of haggis

9 – No Scot would eat this!

Having tried both real haggis and a tin of this stuff I know that the canned haggis food does come close to the taste of a haggis but to good enough. But for anyone who lives too far away from Scotland to try the 100% genuine thing this might well do the trick.

Canned Muffin
Canned Muffin

8 – Can with muffin in!

It might sound gross, but I think this canned muffin might taste rather nice! After all, I often eat chocolate cake and custard from a can so why not a muffin? Worth a go I think.

Canned Brown Bread
Canned Brown Bread

7 – Canned Bread?

These will not be seen as the best invention since sliced bread, but it is one I think would taste quite nice. 99% fat-free and full of tasty raisins it might taste Ok! ..or maybe not.

Canned Squid
Canned Squid

6 – A can of what?!?!

If you thought the ones you have seen already were bad, check out this canned squid! Not matter how disgusting it might sound, just remember that at least it comes in natural ink!

Bacon in a can
Bacon in a can

5 – Rolled Bacon?

There are many different cans of bacon on the supermarket shelves, but this one offers people REAL pre-cooked bacon strips! I have no idea what these taste like, but I would certainly be willing to try it if just the once!

canned sandwiches
canned sandwiches

4 – The Candwich?!?

Believe it of not this really is sandwiches in a can! With a choice of Peanut Butter and strawberry Jelly, BBQ chicken or  Peanut Butter and grape Jelly they really are a canned sensation. And one that I think I will give a miss.

Can of Silkworm Pupae
Can of Silkworm Pupae

3 – Bugtacular!

The idea of eating a tin of silkworm pupae might sound disgusting to you or I, but to some people they are seen as an important source of dietary protein. And as for the fact that I wouldn’t try these in a million years I guess we will have to take their word for it.

Cheeseburger in a can
Cheeseburger in a can

2 – The not so big mac.

If you think that a cheeseburger in a tin is going to look anything like the one you can see in this promotional advert, you need to think again. Having ate one of these myself I know that they are slight…damp! But they last forever and would be great for survival food.

12-course meal in a tin
12-course meal in a tin

1 –  11 too many!

Just when you thought I couldn’t gross you out anymore I bring you what I believe is the world’s strangest can of food. A 12-course meal in a tin was always going to be pushing things too far and indeed that is exactly what it is. But stuff it! I would give it a go!

118 thoughts on “Top 10 Strange and Unusual Canned Foods”

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  3. The heck do you mean fried chicken doesn’t go with gravy? I smell a yank…

    Here in the bible belt, or “gravy belt” as my EMT instructor likes to call it, gravy most definitely goes with fried chicken.

  4. About the only thing I would eat is the brown bread – you steam it and serve it with Boston Baked Beans. I will admit I am curious to know what each of the 12 courses are – do you eat it a layer at a time or cut it length wise and have a bit of everything all at once? The one thing I learned at a buffet in Sweden was – don’t ask, just try it and if you like it, it doesn’t matter what it is.

  5. I must ask..Who willing buys a 12 meal course in a a can? Can u imagine eating that? U saved the best for last….gross! And the silkworm stuff made be puke just a bit.

  6. Ya right..thats y there is silkworm pupae in a tin..hehe..n i heard that..there is some indonesian drink snake blood..some chinese also..if im not mistaken..wanna try? Hikhik..i wonder how it can b drink..@_@

  7. It is great to hear that I can still surprise you even after all these weeks! I guess there will come a time when I can’t but I hope it doesn’t happen for a while.

  8. Only the cat eats out of a can at ours … these are gross beyond belief! Thank you for alerting me to them :O

  9. That has to be the most revolting post I have ever seen! Congratulations! I see really gross stuff all day in work without batting an eyelid. To gross out a hospital doctor is quite an achievment!

  10. The brown bread in the can was a childhood favorite. Slather it with butter or cream cheese and it’s yummy! Or it was then. 🙂

  11. My mom makes pumpkin bread in a coffee can. It is rather delicious even if it is only my opinion. The only one I would be willing to try would be the bread. The 12 course meal totally grossed me out.

  12. One thing that is good right now is that I have not eaten my dinner before reading this. YUK!!!!!. I can see some of those mountain men having a storage full of this type of stuff. Be wary if you hear banjo music. If you don’t get the reference, google the movie “Deliverance”.

  13. I think my breakfast just threatened to make another appearance. Ewww. Spam actually looks nice now, although there are tinned hotdogs here that would be better than most of these too.

  14. I’ve tried the silkworms, kind of squishy. Also tried them on the streets of Beijing (crispy and crunchy). The fresh ones are definitely far superior. But a hot bowl of rice, a fried egg on top, and enough hot sauce, the canned ones are not bad (I guess with enough hot sauce and a fried egg and almost anything can be made decent),

  15. Not been a huge fan of certain canned foods since finding a bit of hoof/nail in a meatball, but certain others are guilty pleasures. Twelve course meal though!!! My friend I came up with the idea if Christmas dinner in a can.

  16. Russell, you have outdone yourself! I’m still having a hard time believing some of these are actual products. But, then again, I’m not sure why I’m surprised. What I am surprised about is that anything is left to surprise me! Just FYI, it was a toss-up between the squid and the silkworm pupae as to whether I was going to lose my lunch! :O

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  18. For the record, canned brown bread is a the customary side to go with a meal of hot dogs and baked beans. It is excellent and sweeter than you expect. Also prefect for camping. I’ll send you some!

  19. I had no clue! Now, the squid could easily be turned into calamari, so I could see how that could be useful (like salmon in a can is only good to be turned into salmon croquettes). But, with frozen PB&J that defrosts so nicely, not sure why I’d buy it in a can. Actually, I’m not sure why most of those things would be purchased in can form…

  20. pop it out of the tin & slice it up & toast it just a little with some butter & have it with beans it’s actually not bad. Dense, absolutely. I don’t think I’ve had it for years now though. I don’t like the raisin one though.

  21. Homemade baked beans (an all day event) are way better than ones from a tin. Like the real haggis vs the tin or a fresh burger vs a tin one. We use crock pots (slow cookers) more than bean pots now. Depending on the recipe & the experience of the cook, you may have better batches than others. I don’t make beans yet, but its on my list of family recipes to work on. 🙂 I do make a good turkey pumpkin white bean chilli.

  22. Jeeezzz… I’ve just had an email from WP – I’ve been Freshly Pressed. Just as well you’ve put me off my food, coz I won’t have the time for the next couple of days!

  23. Musings…the canned muffin could double as a household kitchen sponge, PBJ on white bread is dangerous even when not in a can (ask a diabetic), who actually eats squid and cannot think of how similar it smells to urine?

  24. I’ve tried the brown bread and it’s alright. I don’t crave it or anything – it’s very dense and almost has a gingerbread/molasses taste. As for everything else – yikes.

  25. 😀 This stuff is too good to be true!
    The squid – yuck! 🙁
    The silkworm pupae – yuck! 🙁
    The 12 course meal makes me shiver, too! 🙁
    The canned brown bread and the muffin I would give a try if I had nothing else to eat and my life was depending on it 😉
    I enjoy your blog and the things you come up with 😀

  26. Thank God I’d already eaten my dinner. That’s enough to put me off food for a while. But on the subject of the 12 courses, what is ‘crack pie’? Did I read that right? (course 11). If it really is a pie full of drugs it would explain a lot!

  27. Oh God Russell! I could have happily lived my life not having seen #3!

    It must be a British thing… we here in the Great White North don’t have any of these things in a can (that I am aware of anyway).

    Heh… other than #3 grossing me the Hell out, another great list!

  28. You kind of need to be a New Englander for #7. It’s a staple for borderline poverty families along with a can of the baked beans & hot dogs. (or lazy families) We ate this quite a bit when i was a child, due to the fact that we were to well off for government assistance but not well off enough for much else.
    I much prefer homemade baked beans & corn bread now as an adult. I hardly ever eat hot dogs now.
    The rest of your list looks very unappetizing. I think a monetary intensive would be needed to try most of the things from your list.

  29. Now I have seen it all. I personally am not a huge fan of tinned food, however this post has opened my eyes to endless possibilities. One question, does the can not cost more than actually making that sandwich. Enjoyed this. Ivan

  30. You’re much braver than me being willing to give these a go. Maybe if the choice was between this and another person. Do you think the bacon comes out nice and crispy?

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