Top 10 Funny Animals Dressed as Batman
It is sometimes harder to make these top 10’s than you might think, not only do I have to find something to add to them all, but I also have to find the images and make as sure as I can that I am allowed to use the images! The other month I did the post “Top 10 Animals Dressed as Spider-Man” and it was a bit of a fail, some were clearly fake, some statues and others just not funny at all. But I intend to make up for it by bringing you… Custom Search
Top 10 Animals Dressed Like Superman
MY dog is nothing more than a pet to me. Sure I love him and treat him as a member of the family, but he is just a pet. To some, their pets / animals are so much more. Charities like don’t just show people how loving animals can be, but use them as doctors, therapist and treatments! These are the Super Animals, ready and willing to save people who are ill or in trouble, people who need them the most… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Cosplay Superhero Cats
Are you in trouble? Being held captive by an evil overlord? Maybe you have overheard someone explaining a plan to overtake the World! Well, don’t worry because cats are here! But there are not your normal house-bound kitty cats, these are the special ones, the choose ones, the ones that have super powers! Without further delay, I bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Amazing Animals In Spiderman Costumes
For this post, we will be talking about comic book style, super heroes. Because I myself love Bat-Man the dark crusader delivering justice to those too weak to defend themselves. But for whatever reason, it seems animals favourite superhero is Spider-Man! Maybe they love his web slinging, his acts of good deeds, or maybe they just love dressing up as him…. Custom Search