Top 10 Images of Animals Wearing Socks
Of all the things, I could have seen today I was not expecting to see a man walking his dog, but the strange part was the dog was wearing socks! When I asked him why he explained that his dog was in fact allergic to grass!!! ¬†I felt rather sorry for the dog, but it did make me wonder what other animals I could find that like wearing socks… Custom Search
Top 10 Scary Images of Zombie Cats
Being a big fan of the TV show The Walking Dead, there is one thing that puzzles me. Where are all the cats and dogs?!? Did the Zombies eat them? Did they eat themselves!? Or are they all just hiding!? But what I am going to suggest might well scare you a little, because what I say is that cats everywhere are already turning and nothing can stop them… Custom Search
Top 10 Images of Japanese Dekotora Light Trucks
If there is one TV advert I look forward to seeing its the Coca-Cola light truck one, that way I know it is getting close to Christmas. But the trucks you see in that advert are not as light-up as you might think. Sure they do have some lights on them (The Coca-Cola trucks that tour around) just not as many as it looks like in the advert, those trucks are just CGI fun! Meanwhile over in Japan they make the real thing… Custom Search
Top 10 Fashion Conscience Animals Wearing Shoes
What is it with me and shoes? So far in this little blog of mine I have showed to “Top 10 cats in shoes” and then it was “top 10 dogs in shoes” Maybe I have a secret love of shoes! Or maybe I just find animals wearing shoes very funny. Well, let us find out if it is the latter as I bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Images of Cats in Tights
Just when I thought the cat world couldn’t get any stranger, there is a new crazy going around the internet and social media channels that quite frankly looks wrong. It is called “Cats in Tights” and while it does make for some very funny images indeed, it just looks…well….kind of wrong! Maybe it is because they remind me of the Muppets! Or maybe it is just plain, old strange, time for you to decide as I show you what I think is… Custom Search
Top 10 Funny Images of Dogs in Shoes
Have you ever wonder how painful it is to walk on stones and pebbles as an animal? Watching my dog run on gravel after his ball got me thinking. Maybe I should get him some dog shoes or something? After all it has to hurt walking¬†barefoot on gravel! While he didn’t have any cuts or bruises I might have to invest in a pair of dog shoes, much like this lot… Custom Search
Top 10 Funny and Unusual Firework Names
Here in the UK it is Fireworks night (Otherwise known as Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes Night) and while looking into my pathetic little box of fireworks I realised that some of them have some rather fancy names! The Boom Stick, The Power Punch, The Fire Volcano they all have some very silly names indeed. But my ones are nothing compared to this lot… Custom Search
Top 10 Images of Cats Playing With Rubiks Cubes
Cats are such playful and curious creatures, and with such a great range of cats toys out there on the market it is hard to know what one your cat might like! Do you get a mouse on a rope, red dot pointer chaser or maybe the wiggly thing on a stick! But it seems we might all be underestimating our pets intelligence as they are quite happy with a Rubix Cube! No serious, they love playing with them… Custom Search
Top 10 Animal Themed Pumpkins (Halloween Special)
It is Wednesday, time for an animal post, and it is Halloween week. Let us be honest here, the possibilities are endless! But in the end, I decided to go for animal themed pumpkins. Why you may ask!? Because I suck at carving pumpkins, I can’t do it, they never look as good as everyone else’s, so what I need is some top 10 pumpkin ideas that are easy to make, with little or no carving at all. OK, some of these need a lot, but here it is anyway… Custom Search
Top 10 Foods That Will Not Help Boost Your Metabolism
The problem with most top 10 lists is that they are boring! Most of them are full of great facts, figures and advice, but I want fun things! I don’t want to know what the top 10 best-selling books are, tell me the top 10 best books featuring funny spelling errors! When I see the post “Top 10 Foods That Help to Boost Your Metabolism” I know it is full of great advice on what to eat, but what I really want to read is… Custom Search
Top 10 Images of Animals Dressed In Clothes
While I do indeed find it funny, I could never dress my own dog up in clothes. Now I know for a fact that some dogs wear boots and jumpers for allergy reasons, but mostly it is done for the purpose of making them look good. This is where the very talented Miguel Vallinas comes into it, he as made some digital art images called “Second Skin” where all sorts of animals are neatly dressed in some of the very latest fashion styles. Sometimes it looks creepy, but always amazing none the less… Custom Search