Top 10 Best Modified Nerf Guns
“It’s Nerf or nothing!” Well here is my opinion for you all…I take nothing! If like me you have a small child that loves these Nerf guns you will know that if you are unlucky enough to get hit in the ear, eye or maybe on the end of your nipple it stings like anything! But my hate for these “Soft Play” toys soon vanished when I discovered that people have in fact modified these plastic toys with a dash of paint added to them to make them look not only awesome but dare I say deadly realistic! (Not only are this lot amazing to look at, but you can in fact buy each and every one of them!!!) So I hope you will duck and cover …
Top 10 Weird, Amazing and Unusual Snowmen
It’s snowing here in the UK and there is tons of it. While it does mean I can’t drive to work  it also means snowballs, snow angels and of course snowmen (and some snow women!) Some are big, plenty are rude but some make you stop for a second and stare at them, and it is those rare ones that I will be bringing you today. So without further ado… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Art Attacked Bins
To most people, a rubbish bin might be just a place to put their waste, sadly to others it is a source of food. But to some people bins are none of those, they are all individual characters waiting for a little art attack on them to show people their true self. And this blog is dedicated to those people who try to bring a little bit of colour, maybe even a little bit of happiness to where there otherwise would never be any. It brings a smile on my own face to bring you… Custom Search