Top 10 Things To Make With CDs

Yesterday I posted Best “Top 10 Best Ways To Repurpose Vinyl Records” but it seems I may have been a little bit harsh. You see a lot of people have told me about all the cool artwork that featured on LP covers and how much they love vinyl. And after all, just because I don’t like old vinyl records doesn’t mean they are not cool! And so I have decided to add some balance to the blogging world by bringing you…

Top 10 Things To Make With CDs

Lilly pads made with CD's
Lilly pads made with CD’s

10 – The best use for all those “Crazy Frog” cd’s

Sure this one is a little odd, but just look at some of the other images in the image link and you will soon agree with me that this is in fact quite…. beautiful! Well, I thought so anyway.

Fan made with CD's
Fan made with CD’s

9 – Burn we off a fan!

What I really like about this one it the easy to follow the step-by-step guide to making one in the image link! All you will need is a motor (Port USB = max. 2,5W !) 2 Cds, USB cable and a cardboard or plastic tube

Dumbbells made with CD's
Dumbbells made with CD’s

8 – What can I do with all those keep fit DVD’s?!?

Is that MC Hammer workout DVD just not “working out” for you? Well, why not turn it and all those other DVD workouts into an actual workout with this rather impressive CD and DVD dumbbells, this one might surprise you just how heavy it is!

Roof Tiles made with CD's
Roof Tiles made with CD’s

7 – Dance of the rooftops!

Much in the same vein as the number 1 in the previous post is this rather impressive roof top made from CDs as roof tiles! Waterproof, built to last forever and it would look amazing! But on a hot summers day, it might well blind a few birds that are flying over.

Art made with CD's
Art made with CD’s

6 – Make a:”Shining Waste Landscape”

Some art installations are amazing and wonderful to look at. And then there is this because incredible and jaw dropping are just a few words that only just come close to describing how amazing this is, take 5 mins out of my blog and click on that image link to find out more.

Clock made with CD's
Clock made with CD’s

5 – Time to upgrade

Have you just recently upgraded to a newer version of Windows? Well, then why not consider turning that old CD or DVD in a clock like this rather impressive one made from a Windows 2000 disk! The best thing for it I say, but if like you are anything like me you will have no chance of making one due to lack of craft skills just click on the image and you can buy them! Cool eh!

Lamp made with CD's
Lamp made with CD’s

4 – Light the way for all those old photo CDs!

Technically speaking this shouldn’t work but does, if you stack a load of CD or dvds on a spindle they are air tight between each other right?…WRONG! And it is those gaps that make this lamp made of old CD’s look simply incredible and there is an in-depth step-by-step guide in the image link! What are you waiting for? Make one now!!!

Garden Ornament made with CD's
Garden Ornament made with CD’s

3 – In the night garden

There are many variations on turning old CD’s and DVD’s into owls in all manner of craft related ways, but this one for me was the best and wouldn’t be that hard to copy at all.

Disco Ball made with CD's
Disco Ball made with CD’s

2 – Make the party hits live again!

This is a great use of the perfectly reflective aspect of all those old CD’s and what better use of that scratched, and unplayable party hits CD than to turn it into the highlight of any party with the amazing recycled CD’s Disco ball! And best of all the step-by-step guide to making it is in the image link! So get down tonight and make one of these today!

Animals made with CD's
Animals made with CD’s

1 – The Jungle Book DVD comes back to life!

I don’t know what you all think, but for me, nothing even gets close to being as incredible as this. This is the work of “Sean Edward Avery” and he is a writer-illustrator of children’s picture books, a graphic designer and sculptor! And he doesn’t see old CD or DVD’s, he sees animals and please do take a look at his site in the image link because I promise you this image above is nothing compared to some of the others he has made. A true genius for sure.

Which one did you like?

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