Top 10 Best Images of Cats on Dogs
Elephants chase Rhinos, Rhinos chase Horses, Horses chase Dogs, Dogs chase Cats, Cats chase Mice, Mice chase Elephants! And that is how the world works the end. What?! You want a little bit more from a Caturday blog post? Well maybe this post should be about how cats think they are top of the food chain. I once saw a cat riding a dog! It wasn’t a trick or glued to it in anyway, it was just standing on top of the poor dog while it walked around! I thought it was the strangest thing I had ever seen in my life. But it seems cats use dogs all the time for all sorts of reasons, so please do join me as we take a …
Top 10 Best Oreo Cheesecake Recipes
Here is a well-known fact: Oreo’s make the best cheesecakes! But as with most things that need to be handmade these cheesecakes are open to artistic interpretation, so some people will make smaller, individual cheesecakes that you can eat in one mouthful (I could anyway) or maybe a full on large-scale cheesecake that needs to be cut into slices. And then again there are some (just 10) that are good enough to be included in one of the most screen drooling blogs I will ever write. Ladies and Gentleman, boy and girls, cats and dogs, I bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Most Amazing Sea Slugs
All my younger years were spent outside, in the garden generally playing on my own. (I was never a people person when I was young) and sorry to tell you this, but I was also one of those kids that loved all things slimy! For me, slugs and snails but no puppy dog tails were my friends, they were always happy to be on me, leaving their slimy trail on my arm. But now as an adult, I understand that it was in fact quite gross, and I also understand that slugs are hated by gardeners and most adult minds! Poor slugs. But it seems that the slugs that live in the sea are far more amazing than their ground-based counterparts could ever be, so …
Top 10 Images of Animals in Drains
I only need to say the word “Goldfish” for most of you know where this is going. Yep! As a child I had a Goldfish I called Jaws (yes I know it wasn’t very unique)  and that dreaded day came when Jaws died and he was flushed down the loo never to be seen again. But growing up in children’s home means that the other kids sometimes said nasty things! I was told he would come back to life and bite my bum when I was sat on the toilet! So please hold my hand as I try to take a look at all those horrible, mutated and scary animals that live in drains and maybe try to find out just what happened to my poor old …
Top 10 DIY Pallet Tables
This blog post all started last summer when my neighbour came round to my house to ask if he could have an old wooden pallet I had in the back garden (used to deliver some concrete the year before) of course I said “yes, please do take it!” For me it was just a piece of rotting wood in the back garden, but to him it seems it was a coffee table that he made using the pallet! And while I don’t have any pictures of my neighbours I have decided to bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Unusual and Novelty Egg Fryers
I love my eggs! Scrambled, fried, poached, boiled anything as long as it’s cooked well. This post all started last week when for the first time in my life (as far as I can remember) I had the much talked about but lesser seen double yolk! For me it wasn’t just a double egg yolk, it was a sign of a great day ahead. I felt on top of the world, lucky even and ended up having a great day. But it seems that I might have been missing out on adding a little sunshine to my morning breakfast everyday because I have been having boring old egg-shaped eggs and I could have been having one of these amazing shapes…. Custom Search
Top 10 Yorkshire Pudding Recipes
A lot of people reading this might now know what a “Yorkshire Pudding” really is, but this is not so much a pudding, but a tasty dinner side snack. Often served with a Sunday Roast Beef dinner I like them far too much to only have them once in a while, so I have been looking for alternative recipe ideas… Custom Search
Top 10 Best Images of Cats in Boxes
Many people seem to comment on a line I have in my “about me” page, it says that my main bragging right is that I can have fun with a paper bag! I really can, but what it really means is that I can see the best in anything and anyone. It might look like a paper bag to you, but to me, it is a parachute for Action Man, something to keep some loose bits in or maybe just something to blow up and pop. But it seems cats are exactly the same! Give a cat a bag he will play with it for hours. But give them a box and suddenly it is nothing short of the best …
Top 10 Double Dipped Strawberries
As a child, there is only one thing that is worst than vegetables and that is fruit! Although it has to be said I really didn’t mind it myself when I was young, but up until only very recently my little boy hated fruit. The taste of it, the feel and just about everything about it! But it seems lately he has found a little space in his heart (stomach) for one particular fruit, and that is strawberries! And given the fact that it is also my favourite fruit I have decided to bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Recipe and Snack Style Edible Roses
When it comes to Valentines day I feel sorry for the females (and some men) of the world because just what do you give a man for Valentines day?!? Money? Gifts? Chocolates? Or maybe you should give them flowers!?! Well I don’t want any of those I like food! And here is a golden rule to follow this valentines day: The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So join me as I take a look at some roses that I really would like to receive… Custom Search
Top 10 Images of Animals Winking
When I was just a teenager I always remember a defining moment in my life. While babysitting for my girlfriends parents we were relaxing on the sofa and I thought everything was going my way (in a “nudge, nudge, wink, wink” kind of way) But that was when something happened I will never, ever, forget. I looked at my girlfriend’s dog and it started winking at me! As if it knew what I wanted to happen that night!!! I was horrified and it completely ruined my libido. But I just had to find out if other animals could wink as well, or if it was just dogs. So without further ado I bring you… Custom Search