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Top 10 Best Images of Cats Waiting

Top 10 Best Images of Cats Waiting

Today’s Caturday post comes from a rather amazing story I read a while back about a cat that waited over a year for their owner to return from Australia! The owner had thought that the cat had run away because he tried to get it into a carry basket to take it round a friend’s house for them to look after it while they were away(which the cat REALLY didn’t like.) But the cat lived wild of a whole year living off the kindness of strangers and the odd animal it could catch. So please do join me as I attempt to discover just what is…

Top 10 Best Images of Cats Waiting

BONUS CONTENT: Top 10 Facts About Time Spent Waiting


Top 10 Best Images of Cats Waiting

Black cats waiting in a line for a tv show audition.

10 – The unluckiest Que in the World!

FACT: Sadly for us men it means waiting, but women spend 136 days over their lifetimes just getting ready to go out the house!

Top 10 Best Images of Cats Waiting

2 cats waiting under an umbrella

9 – “I don’t know why we bother waiting Jeff, he never catches anything anyway!”

FACT: I love my TV shows, so could well believe this one to be true. Stats say we spend 11 years in front of the TV! Surely it must be more than that!

Top 10 Best Images of Cats Waiting

Cats waiting for the fishing boat to return.

8 – “…Sooo…going fishing eh! Don’t mind if we wait for you to get back do you?!”

FACT: It seems we can be quite a romantic lot, as studies show we spend a total of 658 hours getting romantic! This is not to be confused with the time spent having sex, but it is just time spent snuggle up or watching the sunset together.

Top 10 Best Images of Cats Waiting

Cat waiting for the train

7 – “So just where is this ‘Soul Train’ they all talk of?! I can’t see it.”

FACT: We have all felt the pain of this one, us humans (and some animals) spend up to 20 weeks on hold while waiting for a call centre to answer! Ggggrrrr I hate doing that.

Top 10 Best Images of Cats Waiting

Cats waiting for the pigeons to come closer

6 – “I told you, I told you! Breadcrumbs do work if you give it a little time!”

FACT: So let’s get down to the big stat, just how much time to we spend queuing?! Well, statistics say that we spend an average of 6 months queuing! That is 3 whole days a year!

Top 10 Best Images of Cats Waiting

Lots of cats waiting to go outside

5 – “Someone has to come and save us from this crazy cat lady soon!”

FACT: It seems I have to save an awful lot of time by giving up smoking a few years ago because it is said that smokers spend a total of 160 days on cigarette breaks!

Top 10 Best Images of Cats Waiting

Cats waiting for a bird to visit the bird box

4 – “I’ll give it just another hour, and then I give up.”

FACT: This one reigns true for me, over our human lifetimes we will spend a grand total of 653 hours waiting for trains and buses! But translate that into days and after 27 days spent waiting you might well start to think that the bus wasn’t coming!

Top 10 Best Images of Cats Waiting

Cats waiting for the fisherman to catch something.

3 – “It is all about odds lads! He has to catch something, some day!”

FACT: I am not part of this statistic because I don’t like sunbathing, but over the average lifespan of a human we spend 2,170 hours (13 weeks) sunbathing! Just remember to slap on plenty of suntan lotion and turn over every other week.

Top 10 Best Images of Cats Waiting

Cat waiting on a chair

2 – “And this is the main reason I hate going to vets, waiting, waiting, waiting!!!”

FACT: The average human being spends six minutes a day laughing, but times that over the average lifestyle and it works out at 115 days of solid laughing! Good times indeed.

Top 10 Best Images of Cats Waiting

Cat waiting in the snow

1 – I bet I have missed the bus again, it ALWAYS happens to me!

FACT: The average worker spends 99,117 hours at work! That sounds like a lot, but when you translate that number into years it comes up as 11.5 years at work! I think I am going to cry unless I can do the whole 11.5 years all at once then retire!


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    Cues are beyond kitties!

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    wow…. stupendi scatti.
    I love the Cat’s

  3. Stephaine D. says:

    Some of these cats are not so much waiting just sat there. But the post made me smile so gets my vote.

  4. No problem you have a great blog, and thank you for checking mine out as well.

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    Those photos made me laugh! I enjoy reading your Top 10 posts, keep it up! And your blogging tips are really useful as well. Thanks for stopping by and following my blog!

  6. I ave no idea and I suspect I don’t want to!

  7. Yeah they just love keeping cool. And it does kind of look funny!

  8. Love the ones under the umbrella- cute!

  9. kostylomusic says:

    What could they be thinking?!

  10. Have you seen the images of cats waiting with their faces towards a wall or box or something, those are just strange. Much like this one–> http://www.lolbrary.com/content/746/interesting-cat-20-40746.jpg

  11. kostylomusic says:

    Cat have always been a mystery to me, and I’m glad to see someone finally posting pictures of them waiting around. Powerful post. Powerful post.

  12. Well that is so great to hear thank you.

  13. So funny!
    I love the concept of your blog! I am laughing out loud which is exactly what I need on Friday evening!

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