Top 10 Images of Animals in Cups

I feel slightly ashamed to admit that I am a Starbucks child, I just love coffee and that is always my first port of call each and every morning before work, and I am now at the point in my life that I feel that nothing that is inside a cup is better than coffee! Am I wrong? Because tea just doesn’t cut it and cold drinks are not an option first thing in the morning. But maybe I am overlooking something that is far more amazing when it is inside a cup, maybe, just maybe we can find something sweeter than coffee if we take a quick peek at…

Top 10 Images of Animals in Cups

Ducklings in cup
Ducklings in cup

10 – Ducklings

While I am not quckers about ducks (because they hurt when they peck) I will admire that these two brought a smile to my face. But only a little one!

White mouse in cup
White mouse in cup

9 – Mouse

“Waiter, there is a mouse in my cup of coffee!” –“Don’t worry sir the cat hiding inside your sandwich will take care of it!” OK, I am not the best with jokes, but a mouse in a teacup can always cheer people up!

meerkat pup in tea-cup
meerkat pup in tea-cup

8 – Meerkat

Talk about compare the! But this tiny little Meerkat has set his cute phaser to stun and is going on a shooting spree. Did he get you as well as me?!?

Kittens in coffee mugs
Kittens in coffee mugs

7 – Kittens

In some sort of blog twist, this is, in fact, an advert to showcase a well-known coffee brand that people can take with “cream” (or milk as we in the UK call it) or without! But what you also get is some super cute images of cats in cups. (Don’t worry it isn’t Caturday just yet)

Dwarf rabbits in cups
Dwarf rabbits in cups

6 – Dwarf Rabbits

OK, I have to admit that this blog post is now starting to reach dangerous levels on the “cute-o-meter” and these two sweeter than a 10 shot cappuccino with milk, cream and 40 sugars in it.

guinea pigs in cups
guinea pigs in cups

5 – Guinea Pigs

OK, now I am starting to feel all strange and funny inside my belly. Maybe I am super hungry and maybe these mega cute Guinea pigs are pushing me over the edge!

Dog in cup
Dog in cup

4 – Dog

This is going too far! That is a whole dog (with a cute, pink bow) inside a coffee mug! Maybe coffee is starting to wade a little and animals in cups are going to win me over.

baby koala sitting in a tea-cup
baby koala sitting in a tea-cup

3 – Koala

Say hello to Raymond. He is one of the cutest little things you are ever likely to see in a cup, you see sadly he was found abandoned by his mother and is now being hand reared  and fed via the little tiny baby bottle you see in the image.

Micro Hedgehog in mug
Micro Hedgehog in mug

2 – Hedgehog

Your killing me! A whole tiny little “Micro Hedgehog” inside a coffee mug! Surely nothing can be cuter than a little hedgehog in a mug! But sadly for me it seems there is….

Teacup pigs in a teacup
Teacup pigs in a teacup

1 – Pigs

OK, I have to admit it, who needs coffee in the cup when you can have a teacup pig inside of it! These amazingly small pigs are a special breed to be ultra small, but it does have to be said that there are a lot of people out there that have been conned into buying baby pigs that are just the offspring of a full size one, and boy do they end up with a surprise when it grows up!

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  3. The teacup pigs are the best! Guinea pigs a close second…..why do I feel this sudden urge to go put Reese our Meese into a coffee cup and take his picture??????? Damn u Russell!

  4. Reblogged this on A Thousand Memories Baby and commented: Just because they’re damn little cutieees!!! <3 I love the teacup pigs!

  5. couldn’t agree with you more, thank goodness we are all different, makes for such an interesting worlk…I used to love strong caffeinated coffee, but can’t drink it anymore 🙂

  6. You learn something new every day! The cheaper option would be to buy a mouse and put a spikey jacket on it.

  7. *LOL* FYI the one in the cup is in fact a “Dwarf Hedgehog” and is in fact not wild at all but classed as a designer pet! But the bad news is they are about £500 and only last about 5yrs.

  8. The pigs are pretty good… but… but… HEDGEHOG. Apparently, I’m a hedgehog fan 😀

  9. For me, it’s a tie between the adorable piglets and the bunny rabbits. Too cute!

  10. I want the little pigs! How cute are they? I thought I wanted the tiny dog until I saw the pigs, but the pigs win. Little tiny trotters 🙂

  11. I am also a coffee lover, and I go to Starbucks often, though not every day. If they had some precious little animals in their cups I would go every morning! The mouse one reminds me of “Alice in Wonderland”, but the one I actually like the most is the hedgehog! They are so cute, and I don’t think they get enough credit in the cute animal world. I would die if I ever saw a baby raccoon in a cup though, Great top 10!

  12. I never would have imagined that there were ten pictures of animals in cups out there (silly me) but now that I have seen this, it is obvious that there would be! These were great, and you ranked them just right.

  13. Nope! I was thinking of ducks! *LOL* As a child when you go to feed some bread to the ducks they always “bite” and you are shocked. But of course you are 100% right and they don’t really hurt.

  14. Love the pix–can I comment on your comment about ducks? They really have very soft bills and not beaks (and no teeth) so are generally very gentle…are you perhaps thinking of chickens or geese? Geese are known to go after fingers, it’s true. Sorry…just had to stand up for mallards & co as you can imagine! 🙂

  15. You surely did put a smile on my face this morning! I’m not a coffee person so I’d definitely have any of those cuties instead! Loved the irony of the cat inside a cocker spaniel mug! By the way, thanks for being my first follower – my husband doesn’t count!!! I’m going to read your tips right away. Thanks!

  16. Awesome – as always – – my first thought when viewing #4…
    “As soon as I can get outta this cup, the dork that put the pink bow on me is in for it…..”
    The rest look pretty happy – – maybe the grooming of the hair around the eyes make this one look less than pleased…..or maybe I’m projecting – –

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  18. Hahaha, that’s me all over. Worst case, after a full day (yep, unbelievable I know!!) with only one at breaky, I am like a wreck, headaches, and all the crap stuff rolled into one.

  19. Oh good for you, I smoked most my life and only give up about a year ago. Worse thing I ever did because now I am ill all the time, and I eat everything in sight! It is a good job a keep active because otherwise I would be the size of a house by now! LMAO.

  20. Love love love these… though not sure my two grown-up (read grumpy!) cats enjoyed me trying to get them to pose in a bucket…figured you’d need pictures for a follow up 🙂

  21. ..I’ve spent the last 4 months, post cigarettes, teaching myself to love the “new” taste of coffee… you have single handedly sent me straight back to square one!
    (love the post…just can’t get the taste out of my mouth)

  22. “Put me in a cup please. I’d like to be in a cup. I like cups. Cups are good. Cups are cosy. Please can I have a cup?”

  23. Oh dear, you may have just sent my partner into paroxysms of joy! These were so incredibly cute, and just the thing I needed after a hard day of university work 🙂 Keep them coming! I so want the rabbits 😀

  24. You’ve posted a lot of awesome stuff in the past, but this has been by far and away my favourite. Thank you!

  25. I understand completely. I’ve seen some that all I can say to them is ‘aww poor thing’, yours are funny and cute.

  26. Ha! We are in the awesome day due to bloggy goodness mood!

    Can I tell you.. those pigs were AMAAAAZING! I had to reblog so everyone I know, knows your awesomeness!

  27. You’re always good for a laugh. Tiresome to keep getting posts about how miserable some people are. Not being a farm boy, or a pig fan, I had no idea they were ever that small. An education, too.

  28. I’m afraid my vote is going to have to go to the hedghog in the Tim Horten’s cup. Only because I am a Timmy’s coffeeholic. I get Timmy’s (what they call it here in Canada) every morning! Like you get your Starbucks. 😉
    They are all cute though. Your lists always make me smile

  29. OMG I was absolutely tickled silly to see these cuties along side my cup of jobe. LOVE it! Thanks for making my morning a hoot!

  30. Too…cute….for….words!

    It is a complete cuteness overload in this post! I was actually wondering when you were going to put a picture of micro pigs in a tea cup. Glad they are on the list, especially as number one. As for the kittens one, it reminded me of the recent news of there being a cat cafe opening eventually in London : )

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