Top 10 Best Hedgehog Cakes

Growing up I always wanted to be a chef, but I had one small, tiny thing stopping me from realising my dream….Fact: I was and still am a rubbish cook! I will literally burn water I am that bad. But there was one thing I did make as a small child that was wonderful, beautiful and made me think I could be the “Le Cordon Bleu” chef I always wanted to be. If only it wasn’t the easiest cake anyone could ever make. It’s kids baking time as I bring you…

Top 10 Best Hedgehog Cakes

Hedgehog Cake Made With Chocolate Buttons
Hedgehog Cake Made With Chocolate Buttons

10 –

I think that for me this is the classic style of hedgehog cake. Featuring chocolate buttons style spikes and a forked dragged in icing style body it is the one that I remember making the most as a child. Although of course mine looked nothing like this one sadly.

Hedgehog Cake Made With Chocolate Fingers
Hedgehog Cake Made With Chocolate Fingers

9 –

This one is not going to win any cake of the year award anytime soon. But to be fair to it, it does look tasty regardless of how it looks. With a chocolate shavings back and chocolate fingers as spikes, it is probably what most of us would end up making if we tried.

Hedgehog Cake Made With Chocolate Sprinkles
Hedgehog Cake Made With Chocolate Sprinkles

8 –

Have to say that never seen a hedgehog cake made in this style before. With chocolate hundreds and thousands as domain back and an actual hedgehog shaped cake, it is unique and for that reason well worth including in this post.

Hedgehog Cake Made With Chocolate Buttons
Hedgehog Cake Made With Chocolate Buttons

7 –

This one is very much the same as we saw in number 9, only this time mummy has brought babies. One particular feature that is worthy of mention is the babies only have half chocolate buttons inserted rather than the mummy hedgehog that has full-size buttons.

Hedgehog Cake Made With Chocolate Toblerone
Hedgehog Cake Made With Chocolate Toblerone

6 –

Well now we are getting to the more creative ones this rather impressive hedgehog cake made with chocolate Twiglets style whiskers, a Malteser nose, and Toblerone spikes is a fantastic design. And of course because the Toblerone is spiked anyway there is no need to insert anything else.

Hedgehog Cake Made With White Chocolate Shards
Hedgehog Cake Made With White Chocolate Shards

5 –

It is not very often you will come to see an albino hedgehog but I suppose it must happen now and again. And that is where the motivation behind the hedgehog cake stands with a white body rather than a brown man and white chocolate shards it is definitely one of the most unusual you’ll see.

Hedgehog Cake Made With White Chocolate Twiglets
Hedgehog Cake Made With White Chocolate Twiglets

4 –

Looking more like some think you might see in a Roald Dahl book rather than under a hedge it is definitely one that brings a simple smile to the face. But if I’m slightly honest those long chocolate Twiglet  spikes are a little scary or maybe it is those eyes that seem to look deep within you.

Hedgehog Cake Made With Chocolate Buttons
Hedgehog Cake Made With Chocolate Buttons

3 –

Well this one is made with a very familiar chocolate buttons spikes style it is of course the hand piped body that makes it stand out from the crowd. You just don’t get that many curly haired hedgehogs but when you do they really do look amazing.

Hedgehog Cake Made With Chocolate Sprinkles
Hedgehog Cake Made With Chocolate Sprinkles

2 –

This is, of course, the hedgehog cake we all wish we could make with chocolate hundreds and thousands as the main body,  antique cartoon styled face it really is one of the best hedgehog cakes I’ve ever seen in my life. But it doesn’t make it to my number one because the fact is I simply couldn’t reproduce it even if I tried.

Hedgehog Cake Made With Cadburys Chocolate Flakes
Hedgehog Cake Made With Cadburys Chocolate Flakes

1 –

And so we come to the number one hedgehog cake. Is it the smarties nose that wins?  Or is it the chocolate drop eyes? Well no of course not. It is that absolutely stunning chocolate flake spiked body. Not only is it simply impressive also must have taken absolutely hours to make! Imagine inserting each one and you know what chocolate flakes can be like they break at the slightest touch of wind! So this one gets my vote for both effort and creativity.

155 thoughts on “Top 10 Best Hedgehog Cakes”

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  12. You could make the number 2 cake if you tried. It’s actually not as hard as it looks. You just need a round cake (made by baking it in an oven safe bowl), icing (which you can buy in a can) and some fondant (which can also be bought ready to use). Start by icing the cake. Then knead a little food coloring into the fondant to give it a light brown colour and either shape the face from a solid piece of fondant and stick it on or use a little icing to attach another piece of cake cut to the right shape then cover it with the fondant. Spread the chocolate sprinkles over the head and make the eyes, nose and other decorations from the same fondant. Make a cut for the mouth and push and pull it ito the right shape and you’re done.

  13. The Flake one rocks. I would love to eat that. Flakes’ are so yummy and hedgehogs are the cutest. I agree with you having a versatile blog. Keep it coming

  14. I never dreamed someone would make a hedge hog cake – and you found enough of them to actually compile a “Top 10” list?

    You never fail to amaze me –
    Enjoyed immensely!

  15. An excellent range of hedgehog cakes, though I think no.4 is actually a porcupine! 😉 It reminded me that last year a newspaper ran a list of the most inappropriate cakes. Just imagine anything that shouldn’t ever be a cake and someone has made it. 🙂 Your list was much nicer and more family entertainment. By the way, have you thought of cat cakes?

  16. LOVE the roadkill cake, and comically startled number 4… Quite coincidentally I did a Google Image search for Chewbacca cakes yesterday. I can highly recommend it to while away a few minutes – they were surprisingly diverse 🙂

  17. How cute! I don’t think I’ve ever seen or thought about hedgehog cakes! When I first saw the headline I thought you were talking about ‘grounded meat hedgehogs’ – very popular in Germany in the 70s and of course now that everything goes retro ;p

  18. Okay, now I’m just stunned- you guys have hedgehog BREAD, too??? I’ve watched British television and movies for years, and I never saw anyone eat anything even remotely shaped like a hedgehog. (Although I wouldn’t be surprised if The Young Ones once ate a hedgehog, and not one made of bread or cake!)

  19. No 6 – Hedgerone – looks like a tough customer to pounce on (bet its descended from an ankylosaurus), but its still my favourite ‘cos it looks like it has the chunkiest chocolate!
    Mind you I’d gobble up any of them when you humans aren’t looking. What a smörgåsbord of tasty treats you’ve provided. Keep up the good work!

  20. OK then, I will work hard to do a great Kiwi post next week (Friday) I promise. It will be interesting for me to discover what people make and do with them, so thank you for the motivation and I hope you stick around for the post.

  21. You find the most fascinating topics…I think I like the one with all the baby hedgehog cakes…or perhaps the one with massive pieces of chocolate on it…

    Also..when you get to the “10 Best Cat Hugs”…don’t foget Dylan and Bagheera! 🙂

  22. As someone else commented here — I’ve never seen one hedgehog cake before, and now I’ve seen ten. They’re all so cute. Who knew there were so many different and creative ways to create a hedgehog in cake and frosting.

  23. lol…they are all great cakes, but I think “surprise” is the best…I can just imagine the kids laughing about that one in particular!

  24. It did. I may sound a little biased but genuinely, it was as good as, if not better, than these. It was the only novelty cake I’ve ever seen her make. She used to bake all the time & her cakes/biscuits/creations were amazing. I have a few that I use now. I’m going to be posting a few on my blog soon. Every single recipe I know is from her 🙂

    Anyway, enough of the big talk 😉 I love your blog. Thanks for liking me, if you hadn’t I’d never have got chance to read your stuff x

  25. Oh I’m really sad that I don’t have a pic of the cake my Nan made.

    For my sister’s 6th birthday she made the most amazing hedgehog cake, much like that in the last picture. It was just incredible.

    All those cakes look delish, nom! x

  26. Hello and happy Friday!! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Congratulations!! If you choose to accept this recognition (no pressure!) please check out the rules here Thank you for sharing your creativity!! Have a great weekend.

  27. I know the others were more realistic or more adorable, but that surprised one makes me laugh every time I look at it! That makes it my favorite, lol. It’s so ridiculous!

  28. You HAVE to be an escapee from some sort of institution…I can just feel it – or see it, I guess. But you are pulling off the Mr. Sane Guy thing with your replies. Hmmmm…hard to figure. I guess this just isn’t a well organized society. Weird…just plain weird !!!!

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