Top 10 Best Chocolate Fingers Cake Recipes

It can’t just be me that finds it amusing when I see what I thought was a UK ONLY product in a foreign country! Let me explain, you see while on holiday in Spain once I saw the UK much love favourite snack “Cadbury’s Milk Chocolate Fingers”. It brought such a smile to my face to see them in a different county and I am sure that other people have had the same sort of experiences with things from their own countries. So I thought I would celebrate these tasty little chocolate biscuit fingers by bringing you…


Top 10 Best Chocolate Fingers Cake Recipes


Chocolate Finger cake inspired by kit kat one
Chocolate Finger cake inspired by kit kat one

10 – The Kit-Kat Crossover

Some of you will remember my post “10 Best Ever Kit Kat Cakes” and this rather basic but none the less tasty looking chocolate finger cake seems to be a spin on those kit-kat ones.

 White Chocolate Finger cake
White Chocolate Finger cake

9 – A slash of colour in a white World.

Cakes made with white chocolate fingers look good anyway, but throw some stark contrasting red strawberries on the top and you have one of the best looking chocolate finger cakes I have ever seen!

Chocolate Finger cake
Chocolate Finger cake

8 – The Lineup

What I like about this one is something that is probably not intentional.  But just imagine you have this cake in front of you and now imagine how easy it is to cut into equal pieces with the fingers laid down on the top of it like they are. See! How easy was that!? Whether or not it was intentional it still makes for a great idea and also a great cake.

Chocolate Finger wedding cake
Chocolate Finger wedding cake

7 – Time to get married!

Wedding cakes don’t get any more epic than this one. This 4 tier chocolate finger wedding cake would make that special day very special indeed, and once again there is no recipe or making guide.

Chocolate Finger cake with Maltesers
Chocolate Finger cake with Maltesers

6 – The lighter way to enjoy chocolate.

There is nothing “light” about this cake, but those floating Maltesers are a touch of pure genius, because when I saw this one on Google Plus I knew instantly what it was saying right away (showcasing the “lighter than chocolate” slogan from the adverts for them.) Once again no recipe or making guide, but this is one cake that not only deserves recognition but also the praise it received. Tasty, creative and genius all in one cake!

Chocolate Finger cake with flake topping
Chocolate Finger cake with flake topping

5 – Don’t Flake out!

This one was previously seen in my post “10 Best Ever Cakes Made With Flakes” and while it sadly, once again doesn’t have a recipe of making guide the flake topping makes this one a real feast for the eyes and I would imagine the mouth as well.

Cadbury chocolate finger cake with quality street on top
Cadbury chocolate finger cake with quality street on top

4 – Not for squares

Not only an unusual square shape but also topped off with some rather tasty Cadbury’s milk tray! If you know a fan of the milk tray box sweets then this might well be the perfect Birthday cake for them.

Chocolate Finger cake with Ferrero Rocher
Chocolate Finger cake with Ferrero Rocher

3 –”Ambassador, with these Chocolate Finger cakes you are really spoiling us.”

This is just about as posh as a chocolate finger cake is ever going to get. Made with fine ingredients and some luxury Ferrero Rocher to top it off this cake is as good as they come. And best of all is that you cake make your own with a fantastic video guide at the bottom of this post! And all you have to do is change a few things and you should be able to replicate any cake on this top 10 in fact!

Chocolate Finger jubilee birthday cake with red, white and blue M&M's on top
Chocolate Finger jubilee birthday cake with red, white and blue M&M’s on top

2 – Flying The Flag

What better way to celebrate the “Britishness” of these humble biscuit fingers than to make a chocolate finger cake with the Union Jake made from M&M’s on top of it!  Again no recipe of making guide but still a fantastic example of creativity and design, plus with different coloured M&M’s you could make the flag on top of the cake your own country.

Chocolate Finger owl cake
Chocolate Finger owl cake

1 – It just flew in and perched on my chocolate fingers!

Not only is this one of the best cakes I have seen using chocolate fingers but it also comes with a World class recipe and VERY easy to follow step-by-step guide thanks to the BBC website! In fact, these are so easy to do I might have to have a go myself!

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  4. really good idea ..i love it and so creative .and want to bake it ,but i don’t know how to bake.. 🙁

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  6. I was thinking that but then I told myself to just buy one, Lolx. Now I’ve changed my mind back to making one. When I do, I will post on my blog and tag you so that you can see.❤❤❤❤

  7. It’s a good thing I am not hungry as I check this out – otherwise I would be panting and drooling over all of them. I agree, the owl is the best, very clever.

  8. I’m not sure we can get “chocolate fingers” here in the US of A, but then I’m not much of a candy person. I do like the look of that cake with the strawberries!

  9. What a great comment! Thanks ilox101, Milo looks great and I think I will have to have a look for it when I go shopping later. products turn up in the weirdest of places.

  10. Russell, your comment about finding home treats while travelling reminded me of the time (2008) I worked a short stint as a Santa Claus at the big Huis ten Bosch theme park resort near Nagsaki, Japan. Let me say that I am hooked into Nestle Milo chocolate drink. I was brought up on it and I will have that before Tea any day. So I was worried how I would cope with 5 weeks in Japan and no Milo!

    A few days into the stay and I noticed Milo on the shelves of the Aeon supermarket chain, (think Tesco). There is a Milo in a packet (Australia has it in tins still) and Japanese writing all over it. The Milo label was still there and even an Australian Sports-person on the front! They pronounce it Meelo and it is even available in some of the vending machines as a prepared drink.
    It was still Milo but not as granular as we are used to, maybe changed to suit their tastes but I had my Milo fix, I was happy!
    Note: Milo is Australian but available in many countries around the world where Nestle has a presence.

  11. Chocolate in any form, is good for me and yes I have fond memories of ginger biscuits. They were a special treat foe me and my sister, when we were growing up.. Ivan

  12. I don’t know Russell. The thought of somebody having their fingers in the chocolate and then messing with my cake…well, it’s just not right! But I love each one of these!

  13. They’re all drool worthy! Love chocolate fingers, especially the new praline ones, they are sooo good but then I’m a sucker for all things praline! Only trouble is I cannot just eat a couple, if I open a box of fingers, the whole lot’s eaten!!!

  14. I have felt the same nostalgic and excitement when finding pear drops, roasted chicken crisps and Flakes in Canada! What!? Chocolate fingers and Ferrero Rocher!! Perfect melt in my mouth goodness.

  15. No patience and I really hate to have to measure everything. I’m a cook that loves to go by the seat of her pants so to speak. 😉

  16. I love the owl one. They all look good enough to eat though! Sadly I don’t bake. I love to cook, but baking is not for me. 🙂

  17. I think you know which one is my favourite, ha ha ha! Oh my, so right spot on! Ha ha ha! Im so happy that i saw this now! Ideas for a coming up cake-making weekend! 😉

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