Top 10 Recipes For Easter Nest Cakes

There are several styles of traditional Easter cakes that most involve chocolate, eggs or bunnies and birds. Well these ten cakes you are about to see have all those things in them and maybe a few worms and twigs as well…



Top 10 Recipes For Easter Nest Cakes
Easter Nest Cup-Cake

10 – Messy Nests –

Made from shredded wheat of all things and of course Milk chocolate to coat the shredded wheat and some mini eggs just to finish it off. Easter next cupcakes have never sounded so healthy!

Red velvet cupcake nests with edible moss

9 – Moss Munchers –

It is not often you see a cupcake with edible moss on the top, but that is what makes this nest cake extra special. In fact, it is made from smashed crackers and green food colouring. Well, it impressed me anyway.

Blueberry Cupcakes with Blueberry Cream Cheese Frosting

8 – Blue Birds and Blueberries –

Out of all of these recipes, you will see here I think it is these that are the most impressive ingredients wise. In fact, they are the healthiest nests I have ever seen!

Coconut Birds Nest Cupcakes

7 – Coconut Birdies –

I would suggest simply making your own cupcakes and adding a coconut shavings style nest to the top of it. But there is a recipe and making guide to follow if you want to make these exactly.

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Bird Nest Cupcakes

6 – Almond Nesting –

What I really liked about these Almond nests is they make it look as messy, random and as sharp as a bird’s nest should be. Plus just for once there is no chocolate in sight!

Easter Nest Cake

5 – Blue Bird Nest –

It might look like master cake making skills would be needed to make one of these bluebird nests, but looking at the image-driven making guide found in the link it really isn’t that hard at all.

Easter Nest Torte Recipe

4 – Twig Snacker –

This tasty, and luscious layer cake nestles the rich moose and hard chocolate twigs to create a nest effect holding in a silky smooth taste. This has to be yummy for my tummy.

Easter Rose and Orange Cupcakes

3 – Orange Nests –

Nest don’t always have to be boring brown twigs and bird spit, they can be cute and fluffy just like these exceptional cupcakes make with spun-sugar nests on top.

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Bird’s Nest Cookie Cakes

2 – Blue Bird Nests –

While the recipe does call them cookies they are more a snack cake than a cookie. But just to make the recipe even stranger it contains butterscotch morsels, mini-eggs (obviously) and chow mein noodles! Now that is a mixed up snack!

Bird’s Nest Mousse Cups

1 – Mousse Nests –

OK, so it is more a snack cup, than a cake, but they are cake shape and that is good enough for me. Besides, they look amazing and I can’t wait to try to make some.

Author: Gus Barge

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