Top 10 Best Cadbury Creme Eggs Cupcakes

“I am so sorry!” I had to say that before anyone kicks off about being on a diet or how their keyboards have broken because of drool between the keys. It is Easter time after all and while it may well be a religious celebration it is also about the day when the kids (and the kids inside us adults) get to eat our own body weight in chocolate. So it is time for those on a diet or owns a “non-drool proof” keyboard to stop reading this post and close the browser, but for the rest of us let the madness commence…


Top 10 Best Cadbury Creme Eggs Cupcakes


Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes
Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes

10 – Fun Size Or No Size!

The fact that they are “mini” Cadbury Creme Eggs means that they are half the size, half the calories, and, therefore, can eat twice as many of these cupcakes!!! While I can not comment the nutritional values of these cupcakes I am sure that is how it would work. So why are you still reading?

Hi-Hat Creme Egg Cupcakes
Hi-Hat Creme Egg Cupcakes

9 – Top hat and tails.

This is what is called a Hi-Hat Cupcake. The top is, in fact, a marshmallow frosting “hat” but the cupcake also contains a whole Chocolate creme egg under its hat!

Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcake
Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcake

8 – Taking off our rose-tinted glasses.

These amazing Cupcakes are just what I love. They are messy, not the best looking, but you just know they will taste so amazing your whole family will be fighting over them! It is all very well having a great image of a cupcake, but most of us will never end up with anything that looks like it should so these look more than perfect.

Chocolate cupcake, with a creme egg baked inside
Chocolate cupcake, with a creme egg baked inside

7 – In, out, shake it all about!

Simple, tasty and amazing to look at, this rather mouth-watering cake is enough to send anyone into a sugar coma but isn’t that part of what makes these so cool!?!

Cadbury Creme Egg cupcakes
Cadbury Creme Egg cupcakes

6 – Keeping a lid on things

What I loved about these ones is that the buttercream is made using the insides of a Cadbury’s Crème Egg scooped out! Even that sounds amazing to top it off let alone using the now empty creme egg as a hard chocolate lid!

Easter Creme Egg Cupcakes
Easter Creme Egg Cupcakes

5 – Stuck in the middle with you.

Here is a strange one for you, this cupcake doesn’t actually contain any Cadburys Creme Eggs but are inspired by them! I decided to include them for a couple of reasons, they are from a cool WordPress Blogger “Sweet Cherrie Pie”, they look amazing. But also while they don’t contain any real creme eggs it would not exist without them, so for that reason, it makes my top 10 list.

Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes
Cadbury Creme Egg Cupcakes

4 – The sexy Red Head!

Oh, my! While this one is much the same as number 6 the pink icing top makes it stand out just that bit better. Not only is it from a fellow WordPress blogger “The Blissful Bakker”.

Creme Egg cupcake, with a cracked Creme Egg, nestled on top
Creme Egg cupcake, with a cracked Creme Egg, nestled on top

3 – Cracked Up Cupcakes

Well, the other day after I had already written this blog post I decided to pay a visit to the shop that sells them! Did they have cupcakes? Oh yes! And Sweets, and “Mud Pie” Milkshakes! The shop owner was amazing and if you are ever in Bristol, UK why not pop in and grab a cupcake because I can tell you that after having one I know that making it number 3 in this top 10 is very justified indeed.

Cadbury creme egg stuffed Easter cupcakes
Cadbury creme egg stuffed Easter cupcakes

2 – The Gold Under the Rainbow

These rather colourful cupcakes are the work of a fellow WordPress blogger “Hilary Makes” and are definitely one of the best visually. They are very colourful and tasty looking.

Bacon & Egg Cupcakes
Bacon & Egg Cupcakes

1 – Everything tastes better with bacon! …doesn’t it?!?

How dirty could a cupcake be? What about one made with Real Bacon, a Cadbury’s creme egg & some peanut butter? Well, that ladies and cupcake munchers is EXACTLY what you are looking at.

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  4. I would just like to point out that some of these recipes don’t have Creme Eggs in them at all, just ingredients that make it taste the same.

  5. This is one of most wonderful collections of anything that I’ve come across in a long time! I freaking love these delicious chocolate oval morsels. Great post.

  6. I love this. Any chance I can get the recipes for these? My daughter is graduating this month from college and she is going to be a pastry chef. She would love to make all of them.

  7. No problems it is well worthy of the placement it got, you have some amazing baking skills for sure. I am looking forward to the new Easter cakes and I also quite enjoyed the painted Easter eggs post. Anyway keep up the good work.

  8. Thanks so much for including my cupcakes in this top 10! I’m actually just in the midst of posting this year’s Easter cupcakes — though they don’t include a baked-in Cadbury creme egg, unfortunately. These other recipes look delicious!!!

  9. Agreed. I feel it should not be in the silly, parody, nonsensical section and should instead be considered a hard-hitting exposé by the likes of the Oscar Academy and BAFTA. But my opinion may be somewhat biased.

  10. Funny I would see this today! I baked chocolate cupcakes with Easter crème eggs inside last night. Now today I am going to decorate them. I think I will do the first one here, which is where I got the idea! White buttercream with yellow in the middle. Can’t wait till we eat them!

  11. These look so naughty but nice! Thank you for checking out my blog, glad you like it! Apart from the top 10’s there is also useful info here, thanks for sharing.

  12. Ok…#3 is for me…I love those eggs, lucky you to be able to visit the shop…I do have to say the bacon one has me wondering, I love bacon but not sure in that combo 🙂 regardless the rest look crazy good…

  13. I was drooling as I was reading, but thankfully my keyboard has not suffered! I wish I was in the UK to try number 3 on the list! Looks amazing! I may have to experiment and try to recreate it here! Happy Easter!

  14. I feel sick just looking! Thanks for the ideas though; my husband and daughter have sweettooths/sweetteeth?!?

  15. Now see I really don’t like the sound of Bacon cupcakes but I made it number 1 because it is just so unique and out there, plus like you said they are rather popular at the moment.

  16. Thank you for posting these pictures. Cadbury eggs are indescribable bliss. I bought some for my cousin’s daughters not too long ago, thinking they would be delighted. But they took one bite and threw them in the trash. I don’t know what’s wrong with those little girls…

  17. I’m not going to yell at you today about your delicious selection since it’s Easter weekend, lol. They all look so good. Never had a cupcake with bacon, I would be curious to taste that one.

  18. Oh dear! I just realised how my previous comment may look – me putting up my link on here. Apologies. I pasted it as we have Creme Eggs in common today, but don’t want to annoy you with adverts for my blog. Please remove it if it annoys you – I’m afraid I don’t know how to delete it!

  19. I’m incredibly jealous – I can’t buy Creme Eggs here! Instead I’ve taken to worshiping them by making a longing music video this week for Easter – as a fellow fan, I’m sure you’ll empathise!

  20. Russell, Russell, Russell… It’s 1:47am and I am NOWHERE near a creme egg, though I am tempted to leave my sleeping husband and nip to an all night garage in the hope that they have some creme eggs secreted in the shop somewhere. Though I agree with Nanny_cool, the bacon one sounds wrong on many levels…

  21. I know bacon cupcakes are supposed to be all the rage in the States but I’ll give it a miss thanks! They rest look amazing and I will definitely be trying some of these out!

  22. How is it that I innately stopped at “sorry to say this” and went to go get a chocolate bar before I continued on to where you apologized for chocolate lovers in denial.

    Bacon?! Omg. I can call it breakfast now.

  23. Hmm, thought I had commented, the egg ate it I think.
    Who says diet at Easter time anyway??! I’ll take all of them, especially those with the cracked egg on top. They all look divinely disgustingly good, except maybe the bacon one. ~shudders~ bacon is good, but that is just nasty.

  24. It’s interesting, something can look like a royal mess and taste heavenly; plus, you can never go wrong with chocolate. I rather like the rainbow cupcake idea, but give me a chocolate egg surrounded by chocolate cake and I am a happy (though rather fluffier than I would like) woman. Funny this should come today, I took my Mom a couple of the creme eggs when I went to see her at her adult family home. I also took two for Wendall next door – he is paralyzed on one side – and he was delighted. So was my Mom. Yup, everything is better with chocolate.

  25. Yeah they are all nasty just on different levels. Amazing to look at just not good to eat. But the number 3 I did taste and I have to admit it was something very special indeed.

  26. I feel a little sick looking at all these – No.10 worried me a little as I missed the ‘fun size’ part and thought they were huuuuge cupcakes. No.1 is so wrong. But it is an equal split between no. 6 and no.3 for me! 😀

  27. I know… I just couldn’t resist to look. It’s like when you’re way up high and somebody says “don’t look down” … you’ll do it on an instant!

  28. Well that is bad just the same as 99% of big company’s are, but in the UK they are just about the biggest chocolate sells anyway, always have been for well over 100 yrs.

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