Top 10 Nerdy and Unusual Necklace Pendants
Be it gold, silver or just plain old stainless steel a good pendant can make or break an outfit for us males as well as the females of the species. But what to have as a pendant is the main problem. Do you go for the simple cross? Maybe a pentagram! Or maybe one of these little beauties that perfect for us nerd and nerdettes…. Custom Search
Top 10 Recipes and Designs of Kit Kat Cakes
Not so long ago, while at a party for my friend, his girlfriend had decided to make him a cake. Nothing unusual about that you say! We this is not meant to disrespect her in anyway but it was public knowledge that she was a terrible cook. It was always my friend that cooked all the meals and so for her to tell us she had “hand made the cake from scratch” We did not expect much. But what she had made that day was actually a commonly made cake with it’s images going viral whenever a new one was made! Enough of the talk, because it brings me the greatest pleasure to bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Unusual Plasters and Bandages
It doesn’t matter what I seem to be doing, be it writing a shopping list, chopping vegetables or showing my little boy how his daddy (me) used to be a fairly good skateboarder I will end up hurting myself no matter what I do, because I am officially one of those people who are commonly called “accident prone”. So if there is one thing I use a lot of and that is medical plasters. And it seems the boring old “skin” coloured one is on its way out, so join me as I trip over something while on my way to find out just what is… Custom Search
Top 10 Fake and Unusual Stormtroopers
These faceless enforcers of the “New Order” they called Stormtroopers were considered an extension of the Emperor’s will, and thus they often use some brutal tactics as a way to keep thousands of star systems throughout the galaxy in line. But some of them can be a little, well….odd! So join me with a capture net and box of straight jackets because we need to stop these rogue Stormtroopers from making the Emperor look like a laughing stock! So without further ado I bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Nerdy, Weird, Amazing and Unusual Cookie Jars
Here in the UK we call Cookie Jars ‘biscuit barrels’ (although we do indeed often put cookies inside of them) but it doesn’t matter what you call it, it is the quality of the items inside of the jars that count. Or is it?!? Come with me as I try to find out if me being a nerd can, in fact, mean that the jar is better than the goodies inside of it, as I bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Very Bendy and Super Stretchable Cats Stretching
Here is some good news for you, it doesn’t matter where you live in the World it is officially the weekend, and that also means that it is Caturday! So stop doing that “last little bit of work” and if you are at work, take just a small time-out and relax as I show you the awesome styles that a cat can bend its body into when they are stretching… Custom Search
Top 10 Recipes and Snacks to Make With Bacon
I am happy to tell you that while I do like bacon I don’t rate it as high up the food ladder as most other people do. I mean, it does taste great for sure, but can it really live up to its claim that everything is better with bacon in it? If any of these foods mentioned below makes you drool or feel hungry it means bacon has won. So let the test begin… Custom Search
Top 10 Novelty, Amazing and Unusual Matryoshka Dolls
If there is one moment in my life that sticks out it was when I was a very small boy and went to my Aunts house (She wasn’t really my Aunt, but that is what I was told to call her) and she showed me something so wonderful it turned my little nerd World upside down. What she showed me has many names: Nesting Dolls, Matryoshka Dolls, stacking dolls, but it doesn’t matter what they are called, that day they blew me away. But it seems I may have underestimated these “dolls” as something past generations played with, so maybe it is time for me to relive that moment I looked at them in awe as I bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Funny and Amazing Dogs Jumping As High As They Can
It doesn’t matter what you throw for them, just about all dogs will go after it. Some people throw balls, sticks, play toys and some dogs are just so full of life they chase thin air! This blog is to celebrate the pure joy of owning a dog that is so happy it will just jump for the sheer fun of it. I hope this can make at least one person smile as I bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Novelty, Amazing and Unusual Ice Cube Trays
All right stop! collaborate, and listen, Ice is back with my brand new invention! And it appears that this said “invention” is the ice-cube mould tray and it can make ice cubes in just about any shape you want. But we are not here today to examine all of them, we just want the top 10 that a nerd like me would love. So without further ado I bring you… Custom Search
Top 10 Weird, Amazing and Unusual Snowmen
It’s snowing here in the UK and there is tons of it. While it does mean I can’t drive to work  it also means snowballs, snow angels and of course snowmen (and some snow women!) Some are big, plenty are rude but some make you stop for a second and stare at them, and it is those rare ones that I will be bringing you today. So without further ado… Custom Search