10 Zero-Waste Wedding Gifts for Newlyweds

10 Zero-Waste Wedding Gifts for Newlyweds

A wedding registry is the way to go for many couples. It helps guide the guests through their preferences on items. However, while some prefer aesthetics, others prefer an eco-friendly registry filled with sustainable items.

For other couples, they don’t bother with a registry, leaving the guests to make their decisions. This leaves guests at a loss of what meaningful wedding gift to buy for the couple. The good news is that Wedding Forward makes this task easier by creating a list of thoughtful wedding gifts for couples. So if you’re getting married or a guest, look through our list for budget-friendly gifts.

1. Bridal Box

The perfect gift for her is a bride box subscription. It is a wedding-themed gift that guides her through wedding planning and all the fun in-between until her honeymoon. To get the best wedding subscription box, look out for bridal services focused on helping the bride plan efficiently. A perfect example is the Miss to Mrs Bridal service that offers nine themed boxes from the engagement until the honeymoon.

This brand has rolled out four tailored plans to suit the bride at any stage of her wedding planning. The plans include accelerated, monthly, extended, and quarterly, fit to how much time she has left before the wedding. Items in these boxes are carefully curated to reflect heterosexual and lesbian weddings. She will find marches, beauty essentials, jewellery, decor items, via books, planners, etc. Get her this bridal box subscription and watch her excitement as she takes delivery of each box.

2. Artsy Bouquet

Recreate the wedding bouquet into a fantastic art piece after drying the flowers. This is one of the best gifts for newlyweds and could serve as a keepsake. It also reduces waste resulting from disposing of the bouquet. Note that achieving this task depends on your relationship with the bride and her plans for the bouquet. If she has no plans for it, then retrieve it and work magic.

3. Scented candles

Kick off the romantic atmosphere with these vegan candle gifts. We love them because they’re healthy, relaxing, and pleasing to the senses. Don’t forget to throw in reusable ceramic, clay, or glass holders that are beautiful and multifunctional.

4. Getaway gift card

If you’re very close to the couple and aware of their travel plans, surprise them. Gift them an adventure at their destination or a place they’ve always wanted to go. Alternatively, you can pay for their honeymoon if they don’t have the funds. You don’t have to tell them about it, send the gift card in the mail.

5. Custom hand-dyed home items

Upgrade the aura of the couple’s home with custom hand-dyed items. From bedsheets to drapes, pillowcases, blankets, centre rugs, and more works perfectly. Choose colourful dyes that reflect their personalities and embroider the couple’s initials discreetly. These times are potential keepsakes with huge sentimental values.

10 Zero-Waste Wedding Gifts for Newlyweds

6. Eco-friendly cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies are one of the best gifts for couples who just started making a home. Get them a kit of cleaning supplies that they don’t have to dispose of after usage. It will also do more good if they’re organic, healthy, and therapeutic rather than harsh smelling and corrosive. This will save them cost, keep the air fresh, and the environment safe.

7. A loved up portrait

If the couple is so dear to your heart, commission a portrait in their honour. One of our best wedding painting gift ideas is bringing an artist to their wedding. Have the artist draw the couple in real-time and present the finished work. You may also get a picture from their wedding and present your gift at a later date.

8. Engraved cutting board

If the couple loves to bond over cooking, get them a custom cutting board made from reclaimed wood. Engrave it with the couple’s names, initials, wedding date, or favourite quotes. This is a very thoughtful gift that will keep you in their hearts.

9. Antique home decor items

Ceramic bowls, lamps, copper vases, jars, etc., are functional and aesthetic items that bring coziness to a home. They can also serve as places to put plants, jewellery, pebbles, and other cute items. This whole look will give the couple’s home a facelift.

10. Wedding Memory book

A wedding memory book is a very beautiful and sentimental gift for couples. They will fill it with pictures and thoughts from the wedding day and preserve it forever. Unfortunately, these books don’t come cheap and aren’t sustainable. An alternative and better option is getting them a book made out of recycled paper using low-impact printing methods. You don’t need to take this book all the way. Notify them through a gift card email.

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10 Zero-Waste Wedding Gifts for Newlyweds

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