Ten of The Weirdest & Mysterious Places Around The World

Around the world, there are some pretty amazing places to see and visit. But we are not here for the ordinary the popular tourist trap that many people organise when booking a holiday online. No, today we are here for ten of the weirdest and most mysterious places you can visit and some of them really do have to be seen to be believed…

Racetrack Playa

10. Racetrack Playa

What makes the Racetrack Playa a weird place is the movement of rocks from one place to another. The rocks move slowly from their places and leave the flat, coarse ground behind them. The cause of the movement of rocks in the Racetrack is still unknown to everybody. A few theories have been offered to explain this motion of rocks but one of them is the most intriguing one which held the wind responsible for these unique activities of rocks in Racetrack Playa, California.

Lake Vostok

9. Lake Vostok

Lake Vostok is one of the largest unpeople and desolate islands in the world which has been discovered recently. A lot of mysteries originate from this island in Antarctica. Because of its latest discovery, the lake is of great attentiveness to geologists. They are of the opinion that living organisms in this lake have been able to evolve under the ice for more than 15 million years under complete darkness. They further think that the creatures in this lake would not have been witnessed before. Struggles are being made to extract the water from this lake. Scientists claim to be successful in pulling the water out, so we are waiting for the result.

Easter Island

8. Easter Island

On Easter Island, a territory of Chile, there are well-known statues named THE RAPA NUI. There is neither any evidence about the architect of these statues nor the purpose of their creation known yet. The most resounding theory is that these statues signify the civilization that lived here that had either died of scarcities of eatables or moved somewhere else.

McMurdo Dry Valleys

7. McMurdo Dry Valleys

Antarctica is a place which is masked with snow all over the year. But there are valleys known as McMurdo Dry Valleys at the entrance of Antarctica where no snow is present at all. This makes the valley strange and intriguing enough for geologists. Apart from this fact, another thing that makes the McMurdo Dry Valleys queer is the red liquid that spews out from these valleys. The red colour of the liquid is due to the high amount of iron there and thus known as “Blood Falls. Scientists believe that the high speed is the reason for no ice in this region of the Antarctic. Sometimes the speed reaches up to 200 miles an hour. They also believe that the surface of the land in McMurdo Dry Valleys resembles very much the surface of the MARS. The valleys’ floor is in fact the frozen surface of lakes that remain there throughout the year with several meters of impenetrable ice.

Fly Geyser

6. Fly Geyser

Near the city of Gerlack in Nevada, a Fly geyser is located. It is weird because it somehow grows up. It is three meters in height right now. The geyser is located in a private place and the possessor of this place doesn’t want to make it a place for tourism.

Rio Tinto River

5. Rio Tinto River

Rio Tinto River is situated in the southwestern Spain in Sierra Morena Mountains. The water of this river is red due to the high concentration of iron in it. Another odd thing about Rio Tinto River is that the acidity of the water is very high. It is supposed that the water of this river bears a resemblance to the water present under the surface of mars. The acidity of water is due to a distinctive kind of bacteria known as ”Extremophile aerobic bacteria”, in the water which feed on the sulphide and iron minerals bearing rocks in the river Tinto and increases the acidity of the water up to 2-ph.

Mount Roraima

4. Mount Roraima

Mount Roraima is present at the border of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. Mount Roraima is unusual because of its unique shape with a flat surface. It is always surrounded by clouds. The widespread and vulnerable species of plants and animals on this mountain have also made it strange. It rains almost all the 365 days of the year on this mountain. People who go to mount Roraima frequently have a feeling of being inspected by someone and interacting with visible things. That mysterious “Lost World” of mount Roraima makes people goosebumps even when they think of it. Mount Roraima has been of great significance for the inhabitants of the region since the beginning. Many mythological stories are related to this mountain and the natives consider it as a sacred place.


3. Socotra

Socotra is actually a group of four islands in the Indian Ocean. It is queer because of the umbrella-shaped trees, grown on this island. These trees are also known as “Blood Trees”. Socotra is under the power of the government of the republic of Yemen. But even they do not have any idea why trees of this shape grow only on this island. Another peculiar species of tree found on Socotra islands is the “Dragon’s Blood Tree”. The sap of this tree is used as a dye.

The Bermuda Triangle

2. The Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is a region between Puerto Rico, Bermuda and Miami. The sudden vanishing of ships and planes full of people in this region makes it an enigmatic place. Although Bermuda Triangle is among one of the most travelled routes in this world it is still unknown that is why planes and ships full of people disappear at such a high rate in this region. Another theory held the anomalies in the magnetic field in this area responsible for compass variation. Violent weather is also a mystery in this Triangle and nobody knows the grounds for this anomalous behaviour of weather in this area. It is still unknown how the speed of wind in this area suddenly shifts from 20 mph to 80-90 mph.

The Mystery Spot

1. The Mystery Spot

Mystery spot is the weirdest place of all the places mentioned above. It is quite closer to Santa Cruz in California. It is a place of attraction for people because the laws of physics become irrelevant to this place. “Tilt-Induced Vision Illusion” is the most widely accepted theory about this place. People standing on the ground seem to have made impossible angles on an inclined platform with erect postures. Everything that people experience in the mystery spot makes their senses boggle. Some psychologists believe that all these effects of three-dimensional distortion have been made cunningly and purposely for the amusement of people.

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