Top 10 Experiences You Can Have in Canada

Top 10 Experiences You Can Have in Canada

An average of 4.4 million tourists visit Canada every month. These stats reflect the success of the tourism industry in Canada, which is growing each year. Many people visit Canada because of its welcoming public and polite residence. The natural beauty of Canada is also a striking view for the eyes, which tourists must not miss. If you get a chance to visit Canada, you have to explore its cities and experience Canadian activities along with the wonders.

Nature has blessed Canada with many sites of natural beauty and eminence. Tourists must participate in the activities a city or country has to offer to make the most of their trips. You can enjoy these experiences even if you are a Canadian. Most of us are in the loophole of work-life, but hard workers must take a much-needed break. Here are a few experiences that Canadians and tourists must get.

Experience Edge Walk on the CN Tower, Toronto

The CN tower is 1,168 feet tall and has 116 stories. If you want a serene experience and a thrilling experience at the same time, you have to visit CN tower. The CN tower has a three-sixty-view restaurant where you can enjoy fine cuisine with a three-sixty view of the Toronto Skyline. You can book an edge walk of the CN tower before your visit the CN tower and consume the view of Toronto from above. The Toronto Skyline is unique and spectacular from this height.

Surf on the Waves of Tofino Beach

Surfing can be a thrilling and fulfilling experience for many people. If you do not know how to surf, you can take classes or ask a trainer on Tofino beach to help you learn the sport. You can’t walk on water, but the closest experience is surfing. You can become one with the water and take on the waves as they come.

Safari Ride in Churchill

Most people on this earth have never seen a polar bear. The polar bear’s habitat is the sea ice, and they live on the north side of the equator because of its extreme weather. Churchill in Canada has polar bears; you can see them in real life if you go on the polar bear safari. The polar bear safari takes you to see polar bears up close in the wildlife management area on a custom vehicle. Your safety is complete on this ride through Hudson bay. You can also visit Churchill in the summer or at night to witness the northern lights. You can book a stay or a trip with a tourist company in Churchill and stay there for a freezing and surreal experience.

Kayak Through Rocks, Nova Scotia

Kayaking is not an easy passion. You have to find locations with low-tide water bodies where you can kayak. The rocky water bodies in Nova Scotia are welcoming to kayaking enthusiasts. You can kayak for a coastal adventures company that offers equipment and assistance to people enjoying water sports.

Canoeing in Ontario

Canoeing in Ontario

One activity closer to kayaking is canoeing. Canoeing is when you lead a canoe with a single-bladed paddle. It is better to do canoeing in a small body of water, such as lakes, rivers, or bays. The narrow shape of a canoe is not favourable for deeper bodies of water like an ocean.

Ontario has many rivers which offer a favourable setting for canoeing. You can rent a canoe and experience the thrill of canoeing in the French River, Grand River, Missinaibi River, and Saugeen River.

Ice-Skating on Rideau Canal, Ottawa

Rideau Canal Ottawa is a UNESCO world heritage site. This site has a rich history and a pinnacle of the Canadian experience. In the winter, when the canal freezes, you can take your skates or rent a pair to skate on this beautiful canal with the rest of the public. Skating is the best way to make winter thrilling and refreshing.

Gamble in Casino Niagra, Ontario

You can visit the Casino Niagra in Ontario for a thrilling psychological adventure. Casinos have a luxurious vibe, and they offer you a chance of luck to make money or win a lotto. If you are not in Ontario but want the fun of gambling, you can visit an Online casino Canada.

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Vancuvour

Capilano Suspension bridge in Vancouver is one of the most adrenaline-inducing experiences. You can get a safety belt to ensure security on this narrow suspension bridge.

Northern Lights of Nova Scotia

The northern lights of Nova Scotia are one of the most fairy tale-inspired experiences you can have. You can stay the night to catch these lights in their full glory. Aurora is a rare magical scientific phenomenon that only occurs in the north.

Hike in The Mountains of Alberta

If you love a good hike, Alberta has much to offer you. The beautiful natural mountains of Alberta will take you on a journey to discover beauty in its rawest forms. You can hike for days or stay the night for a camping experience as well.

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