Top 10 Ways Your New Dog Will Embarrass You

Congratulations, you have joined the dog owners club. But as a fully fledged member myself I have to inform you of a few things your new dog will do that might embarrass you a little. They don’t mean to do it of course, but somewhen they will indeed do any if not all of these following things…



Dog Breaking Wind
Dog Breaking Wind

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It’s bad when they break wind while home alone, but when there are guests it can get downright embarrassing.

Humping Dog

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Some dogs are humpers, some are not! Get used to the fact that dogs sometimes get carried away with pretty much anyone and anything.

Moulting Dog

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Depending on how quickly they shed their winter coats you will often find yourself covered in hair. You and pretty much anyone who visits the house.

Dog Giving Up

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When your dog doesn’t want to walk any more fire and floods will not move them. You will just have to wait until they are ready and that can be a while.

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Dog Rubbish at Fetch

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Sadly not all dogs are instantly good at playing fetch. Down at the local dog park, this can often get embarrassing very quickly indeed, especially if you have people watching.

Dog Raiding the Bin

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If you are bringing guests back from work, be sure to go in first and survey any bin raiding and damage they might have caused.

Dog Chewing

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Some dogs are natural chewers, so be warned they will chew pretty much anything in sight and that can be embarrassing in a number of different ways.

Dog Loves Cat

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Some new dogs don’t get on well with other pets that were there before them, but others it seems to get a little too friendly. This is only embarrassing if your mum and dad happen to see it.

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Dog Poses

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Not every dog picture will show your dog in the best of lights. Some will…well…let’s just say they will show you up a little.

Dog in Toilet Bowl

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When a big dog drinks from the toilet bowl it is a little embarrassing especially when you have a friend that catches them doing it. But when you have a small dog and they like to drink from the toilet bowl things get embarrassing on a whole new level. Just remember to look before you sit.

Author: Gus Barge

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