Top 10 Weird and Unusual Wine Glasses

There is a huge range of wine glasses for every occasion out there somewhere, but the ones we are looking at today are a little more unusual, unique and very understated. Grab a bottle of wine and join me as I get you to pour it into some of the world’s most unusual wine glasses…



Untippable Wine Glass
Untippable Wine Glass

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Once you have had a few glasses of wine, accidents can easily happen. So make sure you are the only one that is tipsy by getting these glasses.

Musical Wine Glass

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Most people try and make a wine glass sing, but with these glasses, you will be playing that said glass like you were Mozart of the wine glass world.

Star Trek Wine Glass

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Boldly drink, like no-one, has ever drunk before with these Red, Yellow and Blue Star Trek uniform style glasses. Beam me up Chardonnay!

Wooden Wine Glass

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There is a fine line between a modern wooden wine glass like these ones and a full-on wooden goblet. But either is good as long as there is wine to go into them.

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World’s Most Expensive Wine Glass

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They cost $3,750 each and have a 0.15 carat diamond in the stem. Drinking from these you best crack open the Prosecco!

Tipsy Wine Glass

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Being a little drunk (but not completely) is often called ‘tipsy’ and these glasses express how that feels perfect.

Plastic Cup Wine Glass

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Enjoy a cool bottle of Sauvignon Blanc with these plastic party cup style wine glasses that are actually made from ceramic and 100& dishwasher friendly!

Extra Large Wine Glass

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When you only plan to have a single glass of wine, make sure it is one that holds a full bottle of wine!

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Winestein Wine Glass

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If you are out with friends who only drink beer, ordering a wine can make you look rather silly. So it’s a good job there are these giant Winestein tankers, with a wine glass built inside of them.

Upside Down Wine Glass

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Confuse and amuse your friends even before they have had a few with these crazy upside down glasses! Just don’t forget what they are later in the night and try to drink them normally.

Author: Gus Barge

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