Ten of the Worlds Craziest Things That Are Sold in Tin Cans

Today I saw something that I could quite believe was real until I bought it. What it was that I saw was mineral water in a can! Not sparkling water to make use of the sealed can, but still water! Well despite the pointless idea with the water this post is inspired by other things that I found that come in a can. I think they might just surprise you…



Candle in a can
Candle in a can

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Perfect for use in case of a disaster or maybe just a power cut is this 50hr candle in a can! Long lasting and complete with matches this is a great idea indeed.

Can of air

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What you are looking at is a very real item that you can buy, open using the ring pull and for a short while close your eyes and imagine you are in the locations the air has come from! Of course, it is more of a novelty gift idea but still something very odd in a can.

Stove in a Can

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For people who go camping regularly, this might not that amazing. But I don’t know the first thing about camping, and, therefore, find a cooking stove in a can rather amazing!

Nylons in a can

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What you are looking at is nylon tights and gloves that back in the 50′s can in vacuum sealed cans!!! But of course, nowadays they are rarer than unicorn poo and go for thousands when some are found, usually in an old warehouse or cupboard.

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Instant Snow in a Can

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What at first seems like a rather small can of snow powered is instantly transformed the moment you add water! In fact, it can grow up to a massive 10 times its own weight in snow!!! Not bad for a bit of summer snowball fun at all.

Can of Jew’s Ear Juice

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The problem with this is that it’s actually stranger than it sounds! Made with mushroom juice from a Black Wood Ear mushroom, (which local people call a Jew’s ear) apparently it has a real earthy taste. Think I might give this a miss.

H2O Water-powered can-shaped clock

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Things that come in can don’t get much cooler or indeed nerdier than this alarm clock that runs on nothing but water! The clock will apparently last between 6 – 12 months before you need to add more water and no other maintenance is needed.

Remote Control RC Car in a Can

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Having bought a few of these myself I know what great fun they can be, and for well under a tenner they can keep both adults and kids amused. Well, they kept me amused for quite a while anyway.

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Flowers in a can

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Flowers don’t get much fresher than ones that come in a can! But of course, these amazing cans of flowers are a grow your own mini garden and a great idea for a gift.

Canned bird’s nest drink

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The Chinese have always seen bird’s nest soup as a delicacy. Made using real nests of cave swifts, the nests are collected and then dissolved into a soup. People who drink it believe that it will stimulate cell growth, raise libido and boost the immune system! So if you feel like you might be missing out on any of those why not get yourself a can of it.

Author: Gus Barge

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