Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Park Benches

Having a rest after walking the dog?Just sat down having a sandwich? Have you drunk too much and woke up on a park bench again? Maybe it is where you live! whatever the true reason for you being on a park bench just try to make sure it is one of these little beauties…

Top 10 Amazing and Unusual Park Benches


Bridge Themed Park Bench
Bridge Themed Park Bench

10 – Bench over troubled waters!

This rather impressive bench inspired by the Brooklyn Bridge was found in the Brooklyn Heights area and is a true master class on how to make a bench. Apparently the carpenter that makes them always has wooden park benches for sale outside his house.

Pay as you go Themed Park Bench
Pay as you go Themed Park Bench

9 – “Quick! Get some change!”

What you see above is 100% real! Fabian Brunsing was sick to death of not having anywhere to sit while he ate his sandwich in his work hour so he invented this quite frankly scary looking coin operated park bench! Just place a coin in the slot and you get 30mins to sit down and relax. But take too long and you will know it! I bet the park bench society love this.

Catapult Themed Park Bench
Catapult Themed Park Bench

8 – “Please feel free to take a seat….Mwahahahaahh!!!”

Don’t worry, what you are looking at is real but it is just a piece of art by Cornelia Konrad and is her attempt to try to reconsider our own environment. And if I saw this I really would reconsider sitting on it! I bet park benches suppliers are just waiting to pinch this idea for a sales pitch.

Twitter Themed Park Bench
Twitter Themed Park Bench

7 – A park bench fit for a fail whale!

The “Tweet Seat” might well look like a normal bench But when someone sits down it triggers a camera which takes a photograph of you sat on the seat and sends it to the @tweetingseat twitter feed! This is a park bench with a heavy dose of nerd added to it. But also kind of interesting idea that is well worth looking up! At time of typing this the tweets have in fact stopped. But still a fascinating bench none the less.

Book Themed Park Bench
Book Themed Park Bench

6 – Sit down, read a book while sat down on a book!

The main city of Istanbul is promoting reading by placing this incredible book shaped park benches all over the city! And what a great idea it is. The more people who read the more that will appreciate a good book rather than some digital representation on a kindle. Some of us like picnic benches, and some of us book benches it seems.

Art Themed Park Bench
Art Themed Park Bench

5 – Sit down, relax because it is only art!

This amazing piece of art is called “Spaghetti Bâle” by Pablo Reinoso and is supposed to represent human thought waves when sat on a park bench. I will stick with the old saying “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like” And I like this a lot! Garden benches have never looked so weird!

Seesaw Theme Park Bench
Seesaw Theme Park Bench

4 – “Sit with me! No seriously I need you!!!”

Located in a park in the city of Stockholm is this amazing co-operation inspired sea-saw bench. While it is kind of amazing I have to wonder what the odds are of two people weighing EXACTLY the same!?! Because if one is even slightly heavier or lighter than the other, someone will be eating their sandwich in the clouds! This is one of these rare metal park benches, mostly they are made from wood.

Recycled Skateboard Theme Park Bench
Recycled Skateboard Theme Park Bench

3 –Day dreaming of a halfpipe

Seen at a Skatepark just outside of London is this amazing park bench made from recycled skateboards. For me it was a great use of recycled materials and it also looks rather cool. But I would be worried about splinters going into my rear. I have seen some park benches for sale much like this one, they do look amazing, but I wouldn’t buy one.

Shark Theme Park Bench
Shark Theme Park Bench

2 – “Where is he? I was supposed to meet some guy called Jaws!”

Seen inside a popular Bangkok shopping mall is this incredible “shark attack” bench! Need to get off your feet and relax after shopping all day! Maybe it is best you just keep on walking. Maybe they should make a Jaws sat on the park benches movie. It would look more realistic that the rubber shark in the original film.

Kit-Kat Theme Park Bench
Kit-Kat Theme Park Bench

1 – “Sir? Can you please stop licking the bench.”

Not only is this very clever advertising but it is also amazing to look at! If ever there was a park bench that I would want for my back garden it is this. Sadly it is not for sale but maybe someone could make some very serious money from making these because I know I would buy one and I’m sure many others will as well.


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