Ten of the Most Amazing and Unusual Ice Sculptures You’ll Ever See

All over the UK various cities, towns and villages are having their Christmas events. Today I went to my local festival event and there were people doing ice sculptures! The way they crafted the ice into various animals was nothing short of amazing to watch. So fast, precise, talented! But if I had those skills animals would be the last thing I would make…


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Angry Birds Inspired Ice Sculpture
Angry Birds Inspired Ice Sculpture

10 – Angry Ice Birds

TIP: An ice sculpture presentation can weigh anything between 1 pound to 50,000 pounds and beyond, but it all depends on the design you have chosen. So make sure you plan ahead and check if you can get it to where you want it to be. Sometimes floor weight restrictions might mean you can’t place it there or even get to it in the first place!

C-3PO and R2-D2 ice sculptures Inspired Ice Sculpture

9 – Ice Wars

TIP: The clarity of the ice sculpture depends on how the ice is made, as a general rule the more time you spend circulating the water during the freezing process the clearer the ice will be!

Zelda Inspired Ice Sculpture

8 – The Snow Waker

TIP: There are 3 main types of ice that can be used in sculpting. (1) – Canned ice with a white feather core. (2) – Freezer ice blocks and are more expensive than the canned, but it does also have the cloudy white feather core. (3) – Naturally made ice (Weather frozen not machine) this is only for the professional of ice sculptors, it is crystal clear and very expensive.

Super Mario Inspired Ice Sculpture

7 – Super Mario

TIP: This might not be what you want to hear, but while on display in an average temperature-controlled room (70-degrees or more) there is no way you can stop an ice sculpture from melting! But if it is located outside even temperatures of 32 degrees Fahrenheit will slow down that melting process significantly.

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Pacman Inspired Ice Sculpture

6 – Wakka, Wakka, Ice Cracker!

TIP: Almost anything can be sculpted out of ice. Business and event logos, animals, people even buildings! But always make use of images, drawings and sketches of the item you are trying to replicate. Also, try making it from a block of polystyrene first.

Superman Inspired Ice Sculpture

5 – Superman’s Ice Fortress

TIP: Did you know you can dye the ice any colour you wish? Well, you can, but be warned. No matter what colour you dye the ice it will prevent it from becoming clear. But sometimes the effect of the coloured ice will counteract the loss of the crystal effect.

Dalek Inspired Ice Sculpture

4 – Chill and make….CHILL&MAKE!!!

TIP: If you plan ahead of the event you can insert laminated business cards, event logos, sweets, gifts anything as long as it is waterproof into the ice its self! Not only will this look amazing but as the ice melts people will be able to take the things you have placed inside of it!

TARDIS Inspired Ice Sculpture

3 – Tidy and Really Drool-worthy ice Sculpture

TIP: Planning ahead is the main thing to think about when it comes to making these amazing ice sculptures. Don’t leave anything to chance on the day as the ice is temperamental it’s self let alone the events going on around it!

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Optimus Prime Inspired Ice Sculpture

2 – Transmelters!

TIP: Make sure there is nothing overhanging when the ice starts to melt, anything that might be able to drop on someone’s head or feet might ruin an otherwise flawless event and sculpture. Don’t let their memories of you consist of a lawsuit.

AT-AT Inspired Ice Sculpture

1 – Ice Wars 2: Attack of the Sculptures

TIP: If you want it coloured but don’t want to lose the clarity of the crystal ice you should place a LED coloured light under it! That way you keep the see-through aspect and gain the colour effect you wanted.

Author: Gus Barge

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