Throughout the art posts we have discovered together, we have seen several uses of sugar. From Tianmen sugar sculptures, to sugar cube structures. And someone else that turns sugar into art is Montreal-based artist Shelley Miller. She does some of the most amazing art attacks on brick walls and urban surfaces with nothing more than cake icing! With piping bag in hand she creates ornate scrolls and decorative motifs…


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Top 10 Best Cake Icing Wall Motifs

Sugar Bomb

10 – Saskatchewan, Canada –

Seen in a 3-day festival on graffiti is this first work of art I choose. As with most of these, they are done by piped icing sugar and sugar motifs, and not much more. But for me that is what makes all these so amazing.

Top 10 Best Cake Icing Wall Motifs


9 – Toronto, Ontario –

Working all night, for a single day event goes to show that this artist is willing to work hard and put those hours in to showcase her artwork. And I think it really pays off. The style, the colours, even the texture all go to make it that extra bit special.

Top 10 Best Cake Icing Wall Motifs


8 – Salvador, Brazil –

The amazing use of sugar and its cultural and economic influence on Brazil is very evident here. But if you think this tile style art is impressive, read the next line.(Number 7)

Top 10 Best Cake Icing Wall Motifs

The Wealth of Some and the Ruin of Others

7 – Salvador, Brazil –

This might look like some amazing tiles used to make an even more amazing wall motif. But the truth is even more amazing than that. These tiles are made from sugar! Now that is what I call impressive.

Top 10 Best Cake Icing Wall Motifs


6 – Saskatchewan, Canada –

Taking an already graffitied exterior wall, and adding her own style of icing art to it makes for some strangely ancient style of artwork. To take an otherwise boring and overlooked wall and make something beautiful using nothing more than icing is what I love about this artist, the simplicity of it all.

Top 10 Best Cake Icing Wall Motifs

Sugar Coating: Brazil

5 – Bahia, Brazil –

I loved how the local children come out to taste the Royal icing in the motif, and I can only hope that they stop to admire the art as well as the wall food.

Top 10 Best Cake Icing Wall Motifs


4 – Optica Gallery, Montréal –

It doesn’t have to be a massive art installation to be impressive. Sometimes the smallest of wall motifs are the best kind, and that is what category this fits into nicely.

Top 10 Best Cake Icing Wall Motifs

Sugar Coated

3 – Calgary, Alberta –

The icing art laid over the top of the original 17th and 18th-century wall, gives it a very vintage look and style without taking anything away from the wall its self. I dread to think how long each one of those mural squares took to make.

Top 10 Best Cake Icing Wall Motifs

Pipe Dreams

2 – Quebec, Canada –

It is not often you get to see art over the top of art, to make the original design even better, but that is what you get in this urban style graffiti area, that has been given the icing Murial treatment.

Top 10 Best Cake Icing Wall Motifs


1 – Victoria, Canada –

For me, this was simply the best. The amazing sugar mural was located in the historic area of the city near the harbour. Showing the prevalence of Victorian architecture and the British legacy it is emotion, beautiful and I would imagine rather tasty!

Which one did you like?

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