Ten of the Most Creative and Unusual Fireplaces You’ll Ever See

The problem with fireplaces is that the older open ones are a little dangerous (without supervision) and going around looking for the best gas logs is just a pain. But aren’t newer ones just plain boring? Well, what I want is something in-between, fresh, modern and a great talking point when people see it. So I thought I would try to see what is hot and what is not in the World of modern fireplaces…



Piets Indoor Stove

10 – The Gold Standard

This gold effect fireplace actually runs on ethanol so there is no point in having a chimney! What that does mean is that you can have it almost anywhere in the house and with the reflective back it is sure to only direct heat in the directions you need it to!

Table Top Fireplace

9 – No rubbing required

Who needs built-in fireplaces when to have a romantic dinner when this modern-looking centrepiece has all the light and warmth you will even need and zero smoke! Made from sleek stainless steel, the log effect set against a natural slate base makes it one of the best you will ever see.

Attika Feuer Gas Fire

8 – Fireplaces go widescreen

This impressive looking wide range fireplace from Attika Feuer is super modern with a very fresh design but dare I say it also has a little touch of retro about it.

Attika Feuer Glass Showcase Fireplace

7 – Standalone and stand out.

This incredible standalone “tunnel” fireplace is once again from Attika Feuer and not only looks amazing but it also offers 360 degrees heat output!

Curva XT Modern Fireplace

6 – Help! That giant I-pod is on fire!

This very elegant looking fireplace is from Safretti and to me looks like it was inspired by the I-Pod. But then again a massive I-Pod fireplace wouldn’t appear so odd in today’s technology-driven homes.

Arkiane Flame Fireplace

5 – Now this is what I call a Flaming Good Fireplace.

This incredibly stylised flame that evokes movement and heat of the fire. This fireplace actually protects the environment with low CO2 emissions! So modern, eco-friendly and it would make for a great talking point in any home.

Minimalist Ergonomic Fireplace

4 – Welcome to the world of ergonomics.

This ergonomic branch effect fireplace would make any home warm and stylish with its bright, warm colours and 360 degrees heat it would certainly make me feel warm.

River Rock Fire Bowl

3 – “Waiter, Waiter my bowl of rocks is on fire! “

These very impressive fire bowls are made with a mix of concrete and fibreglass and topped up with natural river rocks. Perfectly safe for indoor use with un-scented fuel only they actually run on “Real Flame®” Disposable Fuel Single-Use Can! So easy to refill and a really good talking point at any dinner party and best of all is that they are cheap as chips!

Fire Glass, Outdoor Fireplace

2 – The wonderful world of Fire Glass

What you are looking at is what is called “Fire glass” and it produces more heat than wood, there is no smoke, it’s odourless and doesn’t produce any ash waste at all!  So why not stay warm and toasty without cutting down trees and best of all you can have it indoors as well!

Roll Fire Ultra Modern Fireplace

1 – Fireplace bot! Roll out.

For me, it just doesn’t get any better than this rolling fireplace made by Conmoto. Running on ethanol with a cool circular design I would just sit there watching the flames dance around the middle of it for hours on end. I couldn’t find out where to buy it from sadly, but expect it to be enough to burn a hole in your wallet.

Author: Gus Barge

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