Ten of the Very Best Gift Ideas for People Who Love Pizza

Do you love pizza so much the delivery guy knows you by your first name? Do you know someone who has dominoes on speed dial? If that sounds like yourself or someone you know these ten gift ideas for perfect for them. All shaped and styled like a pizza, they can live the perfect pizza life simply by owning just a few of these often cheesy looking items…

Pizza Jumpsuit
Pizza Jumpsuit

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If you love your pizza so much you want to dress up like one then you probably need help. But in the meanwhile, you could get yourself one of these pepperoni pizza jumpsuits.

Pizza Slice Swimming Pool Float

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A true pizza fan always dreams of floating on a giant slice of pizza, but to be honest, pizza doesn’t float very well so this inflatable pool float if probably your own option to make that dream a reality.

Pizza Frisbee

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If you have ever tried to throw a pizza like a frisbee you will know it doesn’t fly very well at all, but this one does because it is a frisbee!

Pepperoni Pizza Bedding

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If you want a good nights sleep you could always tuck yourself into this bedding themed to look like a pepperoni pizza. It’s much less greasy than sleeping in a bed covered with pizza I can ensure you of that.

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Pizza Socks

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If you think this box of pizza doesn’t taste quite right it is because it isn’t for eating, each slice is a pair of socks you can wear! There are 2 pizza crust socks and 4 pepperoni pizza topping socks to mix and match with.

Pizza Beach Blanket

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If you fancy grabbing yourself a slice of sun why not take this pizza beach blanket to the beach instead of some cheap looking towel. I can’t suggest you lay on a real pizza on the beach as it might get covered in sand and become inedible.

Pizza Slice Drinking Bottle

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Whatever drink you enjoy with your pizza I am pretty sure it would taste a lot better from this bottle shaped like a slice of pizza! Or taking it down the gym filled with water would also get a few laughs.

Pizza Sting Lights

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If your eyes light up at the sight of a pizza you might find these string lights to be the perfect pizza party lights. In fact, you could always decorate your whole house with them for Christmas!

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Pizza Converse Shoes

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If you want to walk in the shoes of a pizza-obsessed fan-boy you will need these shoes that is for sure. Then you can just pretend any mud or marks on them is simply sauce toppings!

Pizza Slippers

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If the converse shoes you have just seen are a little too..cheesy for you why not keep your love for pizza in the house and get a set of these fun and rather comfortable looking slippers.

Author: Gus Barge

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