10 Types of Poker Players and How to Adjust to Them

10 Types of Poker Players and How to Adjust to Them

As there are different types of poker games, there are different types of players, and the more you get acquainted with them, your gaming skill increases. Majorly they are classified into two segments; how tight or loose they play. But what looks simple is an intricate process. Players’ perceptions and behaviour vary according to the strength of their hands. The more you comprehend their thoughts and upcoming strategies for games like slot gacor, the more you improve as a player. If you fail to understand their psychology, then apparent good moves do not bring the desired results.

Loose aggressive

This type of poker player frequently indulges in raising pre and post-flop and plays lots of hands. They are not too aware of starting hands and play too many hands. Even if they do not hold the winning hand by playing a wider range in pre and post-flop, they try to bewilder the opponents and persuade them to fold their hands. The best way to face these types of players is to remain calm and wait for the best opportunity. The best strategy is to allow them to win small pots when you have marginal hands, but when you have premium hands, go for the kill. This approach brings you maximum benefit.

Loose passive

This category of players is often referred to as “fish.”Mostly there are unskilled players and, in the long run, squander their resources. They raise and bet at the wrong time; even when apt players either fold or raise, the number of hands they play is on the higher side. Mostly they are dependent on their luck and seldom enjoy a good poker session. Even with marginal hands, they call down bets and completely discount the prevailing odds. Even with extremely weak hands, including a single overcard, they are unwilling to fold after the flop. In an online poker room, they are easily identified if you are using HUD (head on display), as they are likely to play more than fifty percent of hands.

Tight passive

Players fall under this category of what starting hand to play and when to fold. This implies they play fairly well before the flop. They prefer to check and call rather than raise and sometimes fall short of protecting their hand. These players are often referred to as rock and are considered weak and passive. They tend to fold when the opponent is aggressive and easy to bluff as they have the psychology of losing. Their body language and movement are easy to read if they bet be certain of their hand strength. Very rarely do they bluff on poker tables.

10 Types of Poker Players and How to Adjust to Them

Tight, aggressive

These types of poker players are mostly professionals with many wins under their belt. It would be an understatement if another type of poker player does not succeed, or you never adopt another style of play, but at the end of the day, this style of play brings the most success. If tight aggressive player bets or raises, then be certain he/she holds a profoundly strong hand. This type of player only raises only with the correct starting hand in the right positions. They blend caution with aggressiveness, they do not play many hands, but when they play, it means business. A tight aggressive player is an embodiment of order, persistence and planning and the most important features are good hands, position and initiative.

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This term is applied to players who have just stepped into the world of poker. These types of players are unaware of the poker skill and do not deploy any strategy at the table. As they play instinctively, it is difficult to read them. They play poker as they play bingo, entirely dependent on luck.

The fish

This type of player plays the game with utmost caution. If they do not have a strong hand, they opt to fold. Suppose the conditions are favourable. Only then does the player call for raises. Their actions become evident after the flop when three cards are exhibited.

The Rock

They only bet only with a premium hand, which guarantees a potential win. They remain reserved until they have hand strength of their desire. They prefer to play on blinds, and their attitude makes it easy to read them at poker tables.


These genera of poker players are mostly professionals who have mastered the skill of poker. With much experience behind their back and loads of skill, they are a formidable opponent. It is not easy to spot them, as they adopt different strategies for different hands. Their skill and capability make them outstanding poker players.

10 Types of Poker Players and How to Adjust to Them

The Coffee Houser

You can distinguish this type of player for their unkind talk. With their insensitive conversation, they want to hurt you and ruin your confidence. They follow the rulebook stringently and seldom think out of the box. They have limited knowledge about poker.


They follow the rulebook stringently and seldom think out of the box. They have limited knowledge about poker and stick to it. It’s easy to adjust them as they never go out of the way.

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