10 Tips To Help You Find The Best Sicily Villas With Pool

10 Tips To Help You Find The Best Sicily Villas With Pool

Your accommodation makes a big difference to your vacation. Although you may spend very little time in a holiday apartment or villa, a clean place with plenty of useful features does make it easier to enjoy the break.

If you’re looking to find the best places to stay in Sicily then you need to look at these Sicily villas with pools. The villas on offer are likely to be the best you can find on the island.

1. Use The Right Operator

The secret to finding the best Sicily villas with pools is to book through an operator that is already popular. The higher the feedback from previous customers, the better the villa will be.
That’s why DiCasaInSicilia has become so popular: …simply the right operator.

2. Verify Local Knowledge

If you want to hire the best Sicily villa with a pool, it’s important to get confidence that the company you are dealing with is based on this beautiful island and that it has local staff. They will be the best.

3. Consider The Features

A villa doesn’t just need to have a stunning pool. You should consider what else is important, like a barbeque or a spa room. It’s possible to find complete luxury in the right villa, all you have to do is consider which features are truly important to you.

4. Know Your Preferred Location

If you’re booking a Sicilian villa you need to know which part of the island works best for you. Dicasainsicilia has properties in a wide range of locations, including overlooking the most exotic beaches, with stunning views of Mount Etna and villas on the edge of towns with all the necessary facilities.

5. Book Early

If you want to secure the best villa in Sicily with a pool you should plan ahead and book early. There is no better way to ensure you get your perfect villa with a pool… and the vacation you deserve.

10 Tips To Help You Find The Best Sicily Villas With Pool

6. Check With Friends

If you’re not sure whether to book a villa through a specific company, then check their experience, the customer service they offer, how long they’ve been trading and how many complaints they get.
You can ask friends, or take a look on social media, or check online forums. It’s never been easier to verify a business reputation.

7. Look At Cost

There is no doubt that the best villas in Sicily with a pool are at the most expensive on the market. But they are worth every cent you spend: when you start comparing costs, you’ll find also they are not as expensive as you think. After all, once you book everything is taken care of for you and everything you need is in the villa.

If you’re travelling in a group, you‘ll realize that the “per person price” of a villa is cheaper than a hotel stay.

8. Are There Extras?

The perfect Sicilian villa with a pool provides everything you need. However, it’s worth considering verifying this and any special needs. They may count as extras and you’ll definitely want to ensure to ensure they are included in the price.

9. Is The Villa Child Friendly?

To have a perfect holiday you need a perfect Sicily villa with a pool. Part of this is ensuring the villa has all the features you need to allow your children to have fun. At the same time, it needs to be safe enough so you don’t have to worry about the kids.

10. Are There Stairs?

Many people think about child-friendly aspects, such as secure areas, baby feeding facilities, etc. But, spare a moment to consider the party you are travelling with. Older people often struggle with stairs. Check if there is a lift or stairlift in the villa and how level the terrain is outside.
Maybe it seems like “a lot to sort out”, when booking a villa. But, if you book through a reputable company like Dicasainsicilia you simply have to tell them what you want and they’ll sort everything for you.

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