Top 10 American Towns and Cities with The Scariest Names

There are places in America that no-one should go to at all, let alone after dark, but these ten towns and cities (All located in America) will give you the willies even before you have got there…



Cut and Shoot, Texas
Cut and Shoot, Texas

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It is called this because of a little boy who once said “I’m going to cut around the corner and shoot through the bushes in a minute!” and the kind of name stuck.

Blood, New Hampshire

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If visiting a town called ‘Blood’ wasn’t creepy enough for you, there is also Blood Cemetery which is said to be haunted! Too much scares from one town for me.

Scary, West Virginia

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What better place to be scared than to live in a town called Scary! I bet they put up good Halloween theming.

Screamersville, Virginia

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From Scream to Screamersville. It sounds like the perfect setting for the next Scream TV series!

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Erie, Pennsylvania

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Anyone who used to watch the TV show Eerie, Indiana will think this place is scary. And Pennsylvania is too close to Transylvania for my liking.

Cut Off, Louisiana

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The bridge might give you a clue on how it got its name, but any place with the word ‘Cut’ sounds creepy to me, even Calcutta!

Satan’s Kingdom, Massachusetts

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This place isn’t full of the evilest people in the world and in the day at least it isn’t even that creepy! But the darkness of night and a scary town name can trick the brain into thinking it is.

Goblintown, Virginia

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Those who arrive in this little town hoping to fight monsters and goblins will feel a little foolish soon after arriving. But apparently, there is a nice cafe to visit.

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Hell, Michigan

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Belinda Carlisle tried to tell us that ‘Heaven Is a Place on Earth’ os therefore there has to be Hell and here it is.

Ghost Town, Texas

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In truth, there aren’t many abandoned places to visit in Ghost Town, Texas. What I want to know is, anyone who lives here, should you call them…ghosts?!?

Author: Gus Barge

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