Top Ten Ways to Use Glass in Your Everyday Life

Top Ten Ways to Use Glass in Your Everyday Life

If you’re enthusiastic about DIY projects, or perhaps just want to change up your home decor, you may never have considered how versatile glass can be in your everyday life.
Here are a number of ways you can use glass to benefit your lifestyle, whether you upcycle old glass, or create something brand new for your home.

1. Recycle Your Glass Bottles for Candles

If you’re keen on upcycling, you might want to consider saving all your bottles and using them as candle holders to decorate your home.

To find a tutorial on how to do this, you can use websites like Wikihow, which break down the process into easy steps with added pictures.

2. Create a Glass Wall for Extra Light

If you live in a smaller house, creating a glass wall can help to open up your living space into a bigger, brighter place to live.

Companies like Halifax Glass are incredibly skilled at constructing bespoke glass for your every need with over 40 years of experience in specialist glass supply.

3. Treat Yourself to a New Hair Do!

With real hair in short supply to make wigs, some manufacturers are now moving towards using fibreglass to create showstopping wigs.

The texture is renowned for being soft, and you can create versatile waves and curls with tools as with any other wig.

4. Use Sea Glass for Bathrooms

Sea glass is a perfect addition to any bathroom, and it’s completely free! You can use websites like Pinterest to find pictures of sea glass in a home environment.

Build a virtual board to keep all your ideas in one place so you can compare them.

Top Ten Ways to Use Glass in Your Everyday Life

5. Neutral Glass Furniture

Glass furniture is known for being incredibly strong, as well as flexible, and can be a great choice to use for rooms with very bright decor.

Tempered glass can be fantastic for its durability!

6. Frosted Glass Doors and Windows for Privacy

For many years, frosted or patterned glass has been used for privacy all over the world, but many modern homes are now using them for internal bathroom doors.

A heavy frosting will provide complete privacy while also allowing light through into hallways.

7. Glass Stairs for Minimalism

Glass stairs are a fantastic way of opening up your room and creating a minimalist look in your home. This stylish design choice will give your interiors the ultimate contemporary feel.

Not only are glass stairs aesthetic, but they are easy to clean.

8. Stained Glass Room Dividers

Stained glass is perfect for adding colour to a room, and can be used as a partition to add character, particularly for bleaker wintry days.

Either go for simple, traditional patterns, or discover new artists who can design a bespoke piece that you can have converted into stained class.

Top Ten Ways to Use Glass in Your Everyday Life

9. Mirrors on Your Wardrobe Doors

An ingenious tool for making rooms appear bigger, fitting mirrors onto your wardrobe doors can help you save space, while also providing an opportunity for a full length outfit check!

Mirrors are also a great way to make your rooms feel brighter; they reflect light around a room, making even the dreariest of rooms feel more open and lively.

10. Build a Garden Room

Garden rooms are designed to bring the outside in, and are characterised by large folding glass doors.

These are perfect for hosting in the summertime, or for cosy wintry nights watching the sun go down.

Do you have any ideas for incorporating glass into your everyday life? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Author: Gus Barge

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