Top 10 Slot Facts

Online or physical slot games are a casino staple as they are easy to play and require smaller bet sizes than many other games. On average, an online casino has at least 100 slot titles with different themes and features. Still, there are more interesting facts about this genre of casino games beyond their aesthetics and bet size.

Top 10 Slot Facts

As you read, we’ll explore the top 10 fun facts about slots you probably have yet to hear of. Once you’re done exploring these, you can search for some quality slots at Reelcrypto casino or any other casino with a fresh set of eyes when you next visit.

You’ll find the most slots globally in the U.S.A

No nation has as many slots as the United States. There, you’ll not only find slot machines in casinos but also in grocery stores. At least 800,000 slot machines in the country are scattered across land-based casinos and entertainment centers.

A man won two Megabucks jackpots in 16 years

Getting fortunate once is enough to change your life forever, but getting lucky twice in 16 years at the same machine is astounding. The Megabuck Man is a well-known story with a recognizable moniker. He won €4.6 million the first time he played and $21 million the second time he played Megabucks.

Why classic slots are called fruit machines

Herbert Mills created the slot machines and later developed the three-reel machines named operator bell. For obvious reasons, these are known as “fruit machines,” as the playing cards feature depictions of various fruits. Even though you can now find different slots with weird themes and structures, they are based on a similar spin and watch principle as the fruit machines.

Slots have been around for over a century

People have played slots for at least 140 years, well before the dawn of online slot games. While the first set of slot games were very simple in design and features, they paved the way for creating video poker games.

Casinos consider slots to be the most profitable game

Every casino makes more profits from slot games as they are the most played casino game genre. Also, since they are simple to play, they attract many players, including high rollers.

Slots on the Strip have low RTP’s

According to research by the Nevada Gaming Control Board, casinos in the Vegas Strip have games with lower RTP than other casinos. That means visiting the Las Vegas Strip to play slots is not a good idea if you are not out just for fun and want to play a slot with a higher RTP.

Slots require no strategy

No matter how much you study a specific slot game, there are no strategies that you can create to play it. You can only increase or reduce your bet size, but no skill can be applied to change the outcome of each spin, which is always random.

Slots are more popular in Japan than anywhere else

Even though the US has some of the most popular gambling venues like Atlantic City and Las Vegas, Japan has more slot players than the United States. In Japan, you’ll find quite a number of Pachinko parlors filled with people playing slots around the clock.

There are professional online and land-based slot players

While it is true that there are no strategies for playing slots, there are people who have managed to play slots for a living. When choosing games to play, these passionate players focus more on technicalities like bonus features, RTP, reel structure, and paylines.

Online slots offer better pay than land-based slots

While online slots can have an RTP between 95% and 98%, the physical counterparts are mostly between 80% and 90%. While playing physically can be more thrilling since other players are present, it is less rewarding.

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