Top 10 Tips To YouTube Marketing in 2020

Top 10 Tips To YouTube Marketing in 2020

In the last few years, videos have become one of the most engaging and emerging tools of marketing. Individuals and businesses are now leveraging videos to influence their product and services. YouTube, a video platform by Google, gets a lot of viewership with billions of daily views. Especially youngsters who are looking to build their career on this platform. Here is your step by step guide to YouTube Marketing in 2020. 

Starting with a YouTube Channel

The first step is to start a channel that presents your identity or business. You can do this with a free Google account and start building videos to showcase your products or services. Furthermore, you can use an online intro maker tool to give a quick presentation of your service, products, and more information in the form of intro videos to subscribe to the channel.

Note: Users here must preferably opt for Google Brand Account for starting a YouTube Channel. With a Brand Account, you can authorize multiple users to access the channel and seamlessly manage several YouTube Channels in the future. 

Know the Audience 

With millions and millions of users daily active on YouTube, knowing the audience is of paramount importance. The primary aspects that you should consider for choosing the audience for your product include:

  • Age range
  • Location 
  • Device Preference (Mobile/desktop)
  • Interests
  • Trending
  • Engagement

Exploring the audience is a key part of the overall YouTube marketing. The more you know about the audience, the better prepared you are for making respective changes to the video production. 

  • Competition Analysis

With more than two decades in the industry, YouTube has become a competitive market. You can check similar business to know your competition and analyze user responses with views, comments, and engagement. This can help you know the audience’s perspective and help you set target metrics for the business precisely. You can also use keyword tools for finding competition for your business and assist in building effective long term strategies. 

  • Have Awareness

Every day there are new trends and millions of videos uploaded to the YouTube platform. You must be aware of the latest video practices, enhancements, and practices to help you in producing high-quality videos. You can also check the behaviour and video production quality of other top YouTube channels to introduce the latest marketing patterns. Some of the key aspects in this section include duration, overlays, animations, or any other special effect to make the videos more attractive. 

  • YouTube Optimizations

Like any other web page, SEO optimization plays a key role in video optimizations. Users search their queries with keywords and specific topics. So,

an effective and catchy title – gets an instant reaction,

use of right keywords – to assist with more reach,

video descriptions – to add detailed information on the topic in the video,

social media handles – to give users to check similar posts and follow handles, and  

striking thumbnail – Most of the video has a standout thumbnail that helps gain high viewership and prompts them to check the video at once. 

  • Call To Actions (CTAs) 

With YouTube, you can also add more CTAs to get clicks and engagement from the users. 

These include:

Cards – These are small and transparent boxes like structure that expands when clicked. You can use up to five cards in one video to visit any specific website, playlist, ask for a donation, and others.

End Screens – Another CTA item is the end screen of the video where you can add four frames in the last durations for more similar videos, ask for a subscribing channel, and check your website.

Bumper Ads – You can also add an earning option with bumper ads for an unskippable six-second duration at the end of the beginning of the video. 


YouTube follows strict policies for copyrights and fair use policies. On the recommendation, you must add a watermark to stake a claim on your content as per the platform rule. 

Note: In the end sections, you have the right to personalize messages asking for viewers to like, share, and then subscribe to the channel. Adding a small reminder is one of the essential parts of the best marketing strategies for YouTube. 

Uploading and Scheduling Videos 

Today, YouTube channels have gained superior popularity among the young generation. Several businesses, organizations, and top marketing influencers are leveraging it to market their product and services effectively. The right schedule for publishing videos can also gain significant readership. 

You can check the past analytics to check the subscriber’s active time to find the most ideal time for scheduling new videos for your channel. Modern web series often follow periodic timing to keep their user engaged and more productive in gaining viewership. 

To make your life easier, you may also turn to dedicated service providers which will help you to schedule and promote your videos and enhance your audience. Review websites such as may be useful in both choosing such a provider and offering you some technical tips such as how to choose an inexpensive but reliable camera and the best ring light, light or cheap microphone for recording your videos.

Paid Marketing and Influencer Tie-up

With Google Video Ads, you have several options to use paid marketing for the videos. These ads come up as users explore the videos on the YouTube platform. In Google surveys, users focus three times more on video ads when compared to TV ads. 

The influencer market opens up possibilities to gain viewership with top celebrities, coaches, trainers, and brands to promote your products or services from their respective channel videos. 

More Prominent Tips for Gaining More Followers

  • Build a complete YouTube Profile;
  • With extensive channel description, social media links, and website URL. 
  • Add full overview in the ‘About’ section
  • Use an appealing Channel icon.
  • High-quality logo.
  • Add a more likeable channel-related art, describing the topic, product, or service with social media handles.
  • Use a video trailer for the channel that starts automatically as the user visits on it. 
  • Use a playlist to categorize videos and gain more attention from the users to enjoy similar videos. 
  • Utilize captions and translations for more readership.


YouTube Analytics 

Yes, you get comprehensive analytics from YouTube. Here users can check all the user behaviour information such as demographics, viewing time, engagement, and impression to help users plan precisely for their upcoming videos. 


Today there is various software that empowers users to easily edit video online and build engaging videos for your specific business requirements and with YouTube getting 2 Billion users active every month and 5 billion views every day, it has become one of the fundamental parts of the marketing strategies to deliver a smooth experience.

Author: Gus Barge

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