Ten Fun Pictures of Three Cats Together Hanging Out for the Laughs

We have seen so many images of cats being funny and doing silly things it is often hard to pick some out as a favourite kind. But my personal favourite types of Caturday images are the ones where there are quite a few of them being silly together. Much like this lot of trouble makers…


Top 10 Images of Three Cats Together
3 cats with 1 spy

10 – “Someone has been giving our secrets away.”

Well, it might well be the 3 one from the left, he looks well angry! There is always that 1 friend in the group that doesn’t quite fit in, but you let them in any way because they have a car or maybe a really good looking relative.

Top 10 Images of Three Cats Together
3 Cats wearing shades

9 – “You haven’t seen us right!?”

Looking very cool indeed, the 3 Blues Bothers style. You always feel so much cooler and indeed stronger when you go out as a gang wearing the same things. Just look at how various gangs all wear the same thing, like a cap or scarf.

Top 10 Images of Three Cats Together
3 Cats cleaning themselves on a fence

8 – We all clean together

This is one of those images I find hard to believe. Is it just good timing, or is it photoshopped? Well no matter what it is, it looks amazing and strangely poetic as well.  I am sure there is a song about 3 cats cleaning themselves until 1 falls off somewhere here.

Top 10 Images of Three Cats Together
3 cats peeking through cap in the door

7 – “Are you sleep in there, we are all hungry.”

If you are having trouble sleeping and always feeling paranoid that someone is watching you it doesn’t mean you need to visit the loony bin, it probably means you are a cat owner! I have to say, these 3 slightly creep me out.

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Top 10 Images of Three Cats Together
3 Kittens hanging on washing line

6 – The Motivational Triplets

This image is often seen on motivational posters with the title “Just Hang in There” but it also shows 3 cats that I know for a fact where only a few inches off the ground. But with a good background, it makes them look like they really are hanging on in there.

Top 10 Images of Three Cats Together
3 cats on an office chair

5 – Three for the merry-go-round, please

So how many Siamese cats can you get on a single office chair? Well, it turns out the answer is 3 but it does look a bit of a squeeze. I do have to feel sorry for them.

Top 10 Images of Three Cats Together
3 Cats all looking sideways

4 – The angle brothers

Admit it, you would love to know what these cats are looking at! Well, I have no idea what it was, but the fact that all three of them crook their heads to look at it makes for a great photo and an almost perfectly symmetrical cat line up.

Top 10 Images of Three Cats Together
3 Cats in a play tunnel

3 – The Meeting

If ever there was a weird thing to see your 3 cats do, it is hold a board meeting in a play tube! I am going to guess that the pet owner placed their food in the tubes unless this really is a meeting to take over the world.

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Top 10 Images of Three Cats Together
3 Cats in sleeping bags

2 – The Sock Sleepers

Cute, comfy and warm, this lot look like they are all 3 of those things! If I remember right the story behind these is that the cats were abandoned and then taken care by an animal rescue centre. It looks like they are being well looked after now.

Top 10 Images of Three Cats Together
3 cats in noodle pot hats

1 – The Council

You might recognise this terrible threesome from image number 9, and it looks like they are not only still trying to look cool. But do they look cool with what seems to be pot noodle pots on their heads? Well, I say it is all the rage and we should all wear them. 3 out of 3 cats can’t be wrong.

Author: Gus Barge

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