Ten Amazing Things You Can Make and Do With Command Hooks

Do you have a draw full of old command hooks, or maybe even some still in the packet that you planned to hang that picture up with! If you do you might want to read this post as I have found ten different things you can do with Command Hooks other than hanging a picture from them and some of these ideas are the work of a genius…


Command Hooks Turned into Toothbrush Holders

Toothbrush Holder

If you have a large family why not use as many command hooks as you need as little toothbrush holders. That way they hang dry and are kept nice and separate from each other. You just need to be a little careful not to place them too close to each other.

Command Hooks Turned into a Ribbon Reel Holder

Ribbon Reel Holders

If you have a little craft area in the house with a load of ribbon reels that you often forget you own you could always use some command hooks to show off those reels of ribbon and make it easier to get access to them. Just remember not to hang too many from each hook, that is why I think ribbon is perfect due to how light it is.

Command Hook Turned into a Drawstring Clip

Drawstring Clip

There is nothing worse than the bag falling into the bin because the bag is too big, but you can fix that problem by placing a command hook on the side of the bin to clip the draw-string from the bag. It makes it easier to empty as well and making sure the bag stays where you want it.

Command Hooks Turned into a Foil And Cling Film Dispenser

Foil And Cling Film Dispenser

You will need to be a little careful when pulling the foil or clingfilm off the reels, but it will save some space and make it easier to get to. This could work with anything with the same roll dispenser inside of the box, like sandwich bags.

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Command Hooks Turned into Saucepan Lid Holders

Saucepan Lid Holders

Do you find yourself owning more saucepan lids than you have actual saucepans? If you do you might want to hang those extra lids onto the door with command hooks! It looks neat and makes it far easier to get to them than rummaging through the back of the cupboard.

Command Hooks Turned into Jewellery Holders

Jewellery Holders

From necklaces to earrings, rings and even bracelets, there is almost nothing you can’t hang from a command hook and you could place them anywhere you want. Maybe inside a wardrobe away from prying eyes, or just on your vanity mirror to make them easier to choose from.

Command Hooks Turned into a Phone Holder

Phone Holder

Do you have a short charging lead and nowhere to place your smartphone while it is charging? If you do two command hooks could solve all your problems. The bigger the hooks the better they would be for this idea

Command Hook Turned into a Sunglasses Holder

Sunglasses Holder

It’s not just sunglasses you could hang from them, maybe you need reading glasses, but only when you are at the PC, so why not hang them from some command hooks to make them easier to get to and safe from being scratched or worse, being sat on!

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Command Hooks Turned into Wire Hangers

Wire Hangers

You can use command hooks to hang wire in a number of different ways, from organising the wires to holding up extension leads to make them easier to get to. You could even use them to hide wires along the back of desks or TV cabinets, it just makes them look neat and tide which our wires are often not.

Command Hooks Turned into a Tablet Holder

Tablet Holder

Do you know someone who still uses their iPad in the kitchen or maybe their Galaxy Tab to make recipes with? If you do why not show them this idea that holds the tablet in place which keeps it up from the dirty kitchen surfaces and makes it easier to read from because it will be in their eye-line.

Author: Gus Barge

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