Ten of the Very Best Things to Make and Do With Old T-shirts

There used to be a time when the rag and bone man used to come round the streets. (they were called that because they really did take the rags and bones from the dead) but nowadays it is all cash for clothes and money for rags. But instead of selling all those old t-shirts, maybe you could make one of these…


Top 10 Things to Make With old T-Shirts
Ninja Mask Made From T-Shirt

10 – Ninja Mask

Sure it is kind of pointless unless you are a real ninja, but it is fun so it gets my vote. Just copy the instructions in the image and then wait till dark, then the games can start and your new life as a secret ninja will begin.

Top 10 Things to Make With old T-Shirts
Quilt Cover Made From old T-Shirts

9 – Quilt Cover

If like me you often get a new t-shirt while on holiday you might have enough old t-shirts to make an entire quilt cover!

Top 10 Things to Make With old T-Shirts
Bed Headboard Made From old T-Shirts

8 – Headboard

This one does require some craft and DIY skills, but design style alone it is amazing and sure to get anyone attention. What I really like about this is that there is something personal and nostalgic about it as well, as I’m sure each and every single t-shirt you own has a story of its own to tell.

Cushions Made From old T-Shirts
Cushions Made From old T-Shirts

7 – Cushions

Simple, quick and really good if you have loads of old rock band t-shirts like Metallic as the back of the cushion will have the tour dates as well! Plus this is a really good idea for making craftwares to sell.

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Top 10 Things to Make With old T-Shirts
Dog Toy Made From old T-Shirts

6 – Dog Toy

If your own dog is like mine they will go through lots of balls and chew toys every week, so this idea to repurpose some old t-shirts into a rope/pull toy is a really good one and seems to work really well with 2 contrasting colours.

Top 10 Things to Make With old T-Shirts
Lounge Chair Made From old T-Shirts

5 – Lounge Chair

If you are looking for something to make with those old t-shirts and enjoy a challenge, why not turn them into furniture. It is a hard build for sure, but to be fair there is a video making guide with this one that you can watch by visiting the link.

Top 10 Things to Make With old T-Shirts
Rug Made From old T-Shirts

4 – Rug

Going on what the video says in the image link this is rather a complicated thing to make, but I think its worth the effort. Perfect for putting down under pet bowls or kitty trays, or even as a welcome or shower mat.  But like I said it is rather complicated and will take a while.

Top 10 Things to Make With old T-Shirts
Bracelets Made From old T-Shirts

3 – Bracelets

This is another one of those t-shirt crafts that you could, in fact, make some money selling, and maybe enjoy making as well. Just follow the making guide in the link, and use some brightly coloured t-shirts (that you wouldn’t dare wear outside, and brought in a moment of sale madness.)

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Top 10 Things to Make With old T-Shirts
Shopping Bag Made From old T-Shirts

2 – Shopping Bag

Living here is Wales means I have to pay the shopping bag tax. (5P for every bag used) so this idea to turn old t-shirts into shopping bags is not only good recycling but will save me money as well! The only little niggle I have is that I have to wonder just how strong they really are.

Top 10 Things to Make With old T-Shirts
Clothes Made From old T-Shirts

1 – New Clothes

There is no direct link or indeed any making guide in the link because the simple fact is there are some many different styles and designs to turn old t-shirts into new clothes that it was imposable for me to pick the best. So what I have chosen is the idea of turning old t-shirts into new clothes rather than any 1 particular design. So who not visit the link and get some t-shirt – new clothes inspiration.

Author: Gus Barge

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