Top 10 Exciting Things to Make With Juice Cartons

If like me you drink a lot of variously flavoured juice drinks you will no doubt end up with a load of empty cardboard juice cartons that will mostly be put into the recycling bin. But why not hold a few back and make at least one of these amazing ideas…


Juice Carton Village
Juice Carton Village

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Why not use some cartons to make an entire village! Well, OK, it’s just a play one, but it looks cool and the little ones will thank you for it.

Juice Carton Organiser

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Room for your smartphone and a few other pieces in this cool little desk tidy organiser.

Juice Carton Planters

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There had to be a planter in this list somewhere and this one is perfect for small seedlings or herbs.

Juice Carton Bird House

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While the birdhouse is a good idea alone, covering it in string so the birds can grip to it is a touch of genius.

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Juice Carton School Bus

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If you have some crafting skills you can even turn a carton into a toy!

Juice Carton Photo House

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This is a whole new level of crafting that I haven’t seen before and to be fair it looks incredible, almost a work of art!

Juice Carton Pencil Organiser

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Sometimes it is the simplest ideas that are the best and this one is pretty brilliant indeed.

Juice Carton Kitchen Organiser

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It’s just a shame you can’t stuff a tea bag into these cartons, you would have had a full set then.

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Juice Carton Bird Feeder

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You have used one carton to give them a house already, so why not give them a 2nd room to eat in?!

Juice Carton Saddlebag

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I just had to respect the creativity of this idea. While not the easiest item to craft it is handy in so many ways not just for use on your bicycle.

Author: Gus Barge

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