10 Critical Things to Look for When Buying a House

Finding a nice house is much more difficult than finding an apartment. It’s not just about the layout and location. The house can be built unprofessionally, using cheap low-quality materials – all this will create problems in the future. Therefore, when choosing a house, you need to attentively examine it not only inside but also outside. 

10 Critical Things to Look for When Buying a House

Top-10 Things to Pay Your Attention To

If you are ready to make your final decision, here are 10 critical things to look for when buying a house on https://hawaiitrustedrealty.com/builder/remodeling:


  1. Wall thickness. Walls are your protection from the cold and heat, so they should be of sufficient thickness. There should be no cracks in the walls; 
  2. The foundation. It shouldn’t be too low, and it is also very good if the foundation is insulated;
  3. The basement and attic must be dry. If there is water in the basement, the house will be damp. In the attic, carefully look around – if the roof is leaking, or there is mould on the beams. It is better to inspect the dwelling in the spring – you will be able to notice possible drawbacks;
  4. Land. Having a garage is always a big advantage. It is cool to have a large barbecue area or enough place for a garden;
  5. Location. Someone wants to live in the city centre, while someone prefers the calm life in the outskirts. If you want to buy a country house, it is desirable to have a car. It is good if there is public transport and at least one store near the house. Pay attention to whether the roads are paved and whether the streets are well lit;

​​10 Critical Things to Look for When Buying a House


  1. Windows. Check out if there is any moisture in the double-glazed windows and whether it blows from the cracks;
  2. Walls and floor. They should be even. In winter, take off your shoes and walk on the floor. Check the walls to feel if they are cold;
  3. House layout. Think about whether it will be convenient for your family to live in such a house, whether there is a place for everyone;
  4. Communications. Don’t forget to check the water supply, electric and heating systems. When turning on the water, pay attention to the pressure, whether the water leaves quickly, whether the pipes are leaking;
  5. Sewerage. Find out if the house is connected to a central sewer. If there is a sinkhole, do not hesitate to inspect it. It should not be heavily filled, which indicates poor drainage.


Buying any real estate is not an easy task. If we are talking about a country house, then the hassle of choosing and purchasing it is twice greater than the purchase of an apartment. Finally, you should carefully check the documents on the house and discuss all the unclear nuances with your lawyer. Good luck!

Author: Gus Barge

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