Ten Things a Home Library Should Have

Ten Things a Home Library Should Have

Many of us will have a home reading space or know someone that does. Here is our guide to the ten must-have items for your home library, even if it is just a nook in a hallway or in the corner of a room.

Start with a Comfy Chair

A good read starts with a comfy place to sit. If you don’t have a good reading chair to relax in while you read, you are going to find it hard to get fully engrossed in the story.

Get a Shelf for Your Favorite Reads

Every reader has their favourite books and authors. If you have a special list of books, maybe a top ten, then why not set them apart from the rest and display them on a shelf of their own.

Find the Right Reading Lamp or Bulb

Your reading light is incredibly important. If you are straining your eyes to read, it will distract you from the story and stop you from getting comfortable. Find the right lamp and bulb combination to suit your eyes.

Have a Book Themed Scented Candle

Scented candles are a great reading companion. There are candles available to suit genres and there are even bookstore candle scents that can give your library the smell of a bookstore!

Use Bookends on Your Shelving or Bookcase

Bookends are a great way to show off your collection, and you can use them to separate genres and fiction from non-fiction, or maybe keep the works of an author in a collection together.

Some Music Might Help You Read More

Having a little background music can often help some readers become more engrossed and involved in the story. Get a Bluetooth speaker or radio in your library so you can add some music when you want too.

Have a Cozy Quilt or Comforter Handy

Getting cosy with a good book is one of the best parts of reading. You should always have a comforter or a quilt close by so you can wrap up and get warm while you read a good book.

Emboss Your Books with a Personalized Stamp

Putting your own custom stamp on a page in your book is a great way to keep control of your library. People will borrow books from you all the time and having an owner’s mark helps you to keep track of your tomes. You can also use an engraved stamp which is a type of stamp where the design is etched onto the stamp material. This process creates a highly detailed and precise image that is perfect for formal documents, certificates, and awards. Check here to shop for engraved stamps online.

Give Your Library a Name

Having a sign in your book space can help define your reading area and give it some character. You can get something custom-made online very easily, and maybe even something that uses neon!

Have a Secret Snack Stash

Having your favourite candy while you read a book makes reading an extra special treat. Using a hollowed-out book you can keep your treats hidden away in is a great addition to any home library.

Sometimes there is nothing better than settling down and having a good read. With additions like these to a home library or reading nook, you can get even more engrossed in your favourite fantasy novel or biography.

Author: Gus Barge

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