Top 10 Commercial Flight Themed Airplanes

Now they have filled the inside of the plane with marketing messages and designs marketing firms are now looking at the outside of aeroplanes to use as a flying billboard. But that does leave plane spotters with amazing design to look out for. Here is just ten of the very best…



Top 10 Commercial Flight Themed Airplanes
Seaworld Themed Airplane

10 – SeaWorld

We start this list off with a killer whale from Seaworld. Let’s hope it can go higher than the whales can.

Brown Bear Themed Airplane

9 – Brown Bear

Seen on a Germanwings Airline is a painted cartoon brown bear with its tongue hanging out. Those shades are needed at the heights he will be cruising at.

Brazil Football Team Themed Airplane

8 – Brazil Football Team

This caricature of Brazils football team was done by graffiti artist duo Os Gemeos to celebrate the Football world cup.

Disney Characters Themed Airplane

7 – Disney Characters

There is definitely something in the style of Disney Planes going on here, but maybe older plane characters.

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Alaska Salmon Themed Airplane

6 – Alaska Salmon

I’ve heard of a flying fish before but not one at 40,000 feet travelling at 600mph!

Disneys Frozen Themed Airplane

5 – Frozen

With Elsa, Anna & Olaf waiting on the runway you just have to let them go!

Hello Kitty Themed Airplane

4 – Hello Kitty

You just knew Hello Kitty would be on this list somewhere. Seems there are enough seats to bring all her friends!

Star Wars: R2-D2 Themed Airplane

3 – R2-D2

Why is it that R2-D2 gets all the glory? Where is the C3P0 themed aeroplane?

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The Simpsons Themed Airplane

2 – The Simpsons

The Simpson family are inviting you to take a flight on their Western Pacific aeroplane with some bright colours and good theming.

Pokemon Themed Airplane

1 – Pokemon

The Japanese are skilled at the art of designs on vehicles and this Pokemon plane is sure to make any flight start with a smile.

Author: Gus Barge

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