Ten Tardis Gift Ideas For Doctor Who Fans

Are you searching for the perfect gift for a Doctor Who fan in your life? Whether they’re a seasoned Whovian or a new admirer of the TARDIS, finding the right present can be a thrilling adventure in itself. From collectable memorabilia to unique gadgets, there’s a galaxy of options to explore. In this guide, we’ve curated ten fantastic TARDIS-themed gift ideas that are sure to delight any Doctor Who enthusiast. So, get ready to journey through time and space as we unveil the ultimate list of gifts that will make any Doctor Who fan exclaim, “Allons-y!”

Doctor Who: TARDIS Flip-Top Pedal Bin

TARDIS Flip-Top Pedal Bin – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

For all those that think Doctor Who is rubbish, why not show how bad you think it is by getting a TARDIS inspired pedal bin! Well for the rather pricey sum of (£59.06) you can have you very own one, it would make a great gift if you like Doctor Who or not.

TARDIS Door Stickers

TARDIS Door Stickers – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

With a little imagination and the fantastic making guide in the link you to can walk through a small TARDIS door and into a big room.  (provided the chosen door is not a cupboard. It doesn’t seem that hard to do, and just might be worth a go.

Tardis drinks cabinet

Tardis drinks cabinet – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

With the big Doctor Who 50th anniversary due soon (with a special episode that is due to air on November 23), this TARDIS-inspired drinks cabinet might be just the thing for a Doctor themed nerdtastic party!

TARDIS Book Cabinet

TARDIS Book Cabinet – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

This idea goes to show what someone with a bit of IKEA furniture and a lot of creativity can do because turning a plain book cabinet into a TARDIS inspired on is a genius idea. Sadly this is a one-off and we can’t buy it, but it looks incredible!

TARDIS TV cabinet

TARDIS TV cabinet – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

What better way for me to watch the latest adventures of the doctor who then on this cool TARDIS inspired TV and DVD cabinet! They have decided to call it “an expandable entertainment center” but I will stick with TV cabinet.

TARDIS chicken coop

TARDIS chicken coop – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

OK, it isn’t home furniture, more like garden furniture but this TARDIS-inspired chicken coop most probably makes some chickens very happy.  What I like about this idea is that you really can walk in and come out with a breakfast in hand! …provided you like eggs. Best of all is that there is a fantastic step by step making guide in the link!

TARDIS Garden Shed

TARDIS Garden Shed – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

It has been done a thousand times over and has been seen by millions, but the classic TARDIS inspired garden shed still makes me smile. Check out the link because I have linked to not only this shed that the image was taken from, but ALL of the sheds inspired by the TARDIS and there is loads of them!


TARDIS Sofa – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

Before anyone gets their hopes up of owning one of these amazing TARDIS inspired sofas  I have to be honest and tell you that I have made this image myself. Sadly it was only done in photoshop and the image link goes to the classic red version of this sofa. But it will only take someone with a little creativity to make one for real.


TARDIS bed – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

The Doctor once said that he needs to sleep a lot less than humans, which means that Time Lords need at least some R&R.  Well, if they need rest then I think they will find this rather amazing TARDIS inspired fold out bed just the thing to pass the time.

Tardis Fridge Sticker Kit

Tardis Fridge Sticker Kit – Buy Now on Amazon: >> Click Here <<

What I love most about this idea is that it not only fits the shape of the refrigerator really well, but you can also buy the kit and do it yourself! Do you know what!? I think I might just have to do this.

With these ten fantastic TARDIS gift ideas, you’re sure to find something that will delight any Doctor Who fan. Whether it’s a cosy TARDIS sofa for those marathon viewing sessions or an intricate model to add to their collection, there’s something for every Whovian on this list. So, why wait? Start shopping and make your next journey through time and space even more memorable.

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Author: Gus Barge

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