Ten Amazing Pictures of Large Animal Swarms on Trees

One of the biggest problems that farmers have with insects is that they are fine on their own, but when there is a whole swarm of them it is a real issue! But I kind of like bugs even when there is a lot of them, so I did rather enjoy watching “Ultimate Swarms”  and it is that program that has inspired this post…



Bee Swarm on a tree
Bee Swarm on a tree

10 – Bees

Most of us have seen hives in trees, but they are also known to swarm over the whole tree while looking for a new home! This is one very deadly tree indeed and with all these bees over it, they would certainly kill an adult human without much thought.

Firebug Swarm on a tree

9 – Firebugs

They might well be little bit it is well known that these tiny firebugs have a nasty little nip to them, so imagine coming across a tree that is covered in millions if them! Scary indeed.

Cicadas Swarm on a tree

8 – Cicadas

Over in North Carolina a rather large swarm of rather large “Cicadas” is seen each and every year. Destroying crops, grasslands and indeed trees, in fact, they just about eat anything they land on! Don’t really know what one is? Well just imagine a large grasshopper crossed with a fly because that is roughly what they are, and there are Billions of them.

Spider Swarm on a tree

7 – Spiders

To be honest, this is just about my worst nightmare, personified! The problem was that after unprecedented flooding it deeply affected the country’s arachnid population to the point that they could only survive by climbing the trees. Only they ALL climbed the trees and it was said that on each tree there was millions of them all about 2″ in size each!!!

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Soldier Beetles Swarm on a tree

6 – Soldier Beetles

Over in the beautiful surroundings of Wairoa Reserve in Bondi this plague of soldier beetles decided that it was their turn for a holiday and arrived in their millions! It was said that at times there was so many of them it brought the trees down!

Locust Swarm on a tree

5 – Locust

This list just wouldn’t be right without them, I am of course talking about Locusts. They can swarm in the trillions and have been known to strip a whole tree in under an hour.

Crab Swarm on a tree

4 – Crabs

These are the red crabs of Christmas Island. And each and every year they swarm up trees on their annual migration but do climb down to lay their eggs in the sand.

Caterpillar Swarm on a tree

3 – Caterpillar

Leptocneria reducta  is one very nasty caterpillar species and once a year it assembles on mass and the population often explodes into is millions and they eat all the leaves of a tree until there are no more and then move on to the nest on one big group again!

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Butterfly Swarm on a tree

2 – Butterflies

Most Morpho butterflies are coloured in metallic shimmering shades of blue. So a whole tree covered in them has been described as a transforming, disappearing and reappearing mass, and is said to be one of the greatest things to see while in the jungles of Mexico.

Ladybirds Swarm on a tree

1 –  Ladybirds

Cute, lovable ladybirds indeed, but when there are millions of them that cover a tree head to root they are not so cute at all, in fact, they are rather scary.

Author: Gus Barge

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