Ten of the Strangest Bumper Stickers You Will Ever See

Have you ever read some of the bumper stickers people have on their cars? Well now and again I do and there are times when I wish I didn’t. Some of them are funny and some are just plain boring puns or rude one liners. But there are also some out there that are just plain weird…


Top 10 Strangest Bumper Stickers
Strange Bumper Sticker

10 – Do you even lift bro?

It looks to be some sort of sarcasm towards other pro lifters, but for the love of me I can’t work out what it means or what the meaning behind it really is.  Any ideas?

Strange Bumper Sticker

9 – Milk Chat

Now I am sure that behind this meaningless and just plain weird bumper stickers message is a much more serious message that has been lost in marketing slogan translation. Or maybe it is just supposed to be weird!

Strange Bumper Sticker

8 – It’s been a good day

It makes me wonder what sort of person needs to terrify someone just to have a good day! Well, you just know they will end up on a couch, blaming their parents for a bad upbringing.

Strange Bumper Sticker

7 – Honesty is not always the best policy

When you drive around with a sticker on your car that says “I’m not a stalker” it has to be said that people instantly think you are a stalker! Or even worst a weirdo in the finest sense of the word.

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Strange Bumper Sticker

6 – Spinning Knitters?

I just don’t know where to start if this one. Most of these others do seem to have some sort of weird message behind them, but this one seems to make no sense at all! Or maybe it is because I don’t knit.

Strange Bumper Sticker

5 – Foot Loose

If you “ain’t no foot” what part of the body does that make you? (keep it clean people, keep it clean.) well I am sure there is some message this is portraying, but it is far beyond my understanding.

Strange Bumper Sticker

4 – Clowning Around

What is strange about this car sticker? The fact that you have to have a warning about how many clowns the car has a capacity to hold, or the fact that someone has taken the time to work out that you can only get 15 clown into a smart car in the first place! They are both as weird as each other if you ask me.

Strange Bumper Sticker

3 – Bugs me.

Now I am all for collection bugs, but when you get a bumper sticker that advertises you looking for 1 particular beetle, then maybe you need to stop and ask yourself if the bug collecting is going too far.

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Strange Bumper Sticker

2 –Confessions

With a moto fresh from the cuckoo’s nest comes this sticker that is almost a confession rather than a motto for life. But then again if I had one saying “Honk if you’re going insane!” on my car I would go deaf from all the beeping!”

Strange Bumper Sticker

1 – Collectors Edition

Not only am I worried that there are enough dolls head collectors out there to make a bumper sticker for them, but also the fact that they “honk” when they pass each other! It just doesn’t get any stranger than this, and we can only hope that it never does.

Author: Gus Barge

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