Ten Things You Need to Know Before Starting your Distance Learning

Ten Things You Need to Know Before Starting your Distance Learning
Ten Things You Need to Know Before Starting your Distance Learning

Distance education is gaining momentum as a popular way of getting knowledge. But its universality is still doubtful. During an online course, you analyze the material, passing the tests individually. Is it a good choice for everyone? Will it be so efficient for you? Are you still on the fence? Keep your options open and read the article on the top weaknesses of online learning. You could expect that there would be nothing like a set of disadvantages of online courses. However, we have chosen the top 10 weaknesses that can make online learning a bad choice for you. Let’s check them!


The Isolation from the Outside World

Yes, you will stay at home most of the time. If some called it a dream, the other would say it’s a nightmare. In college or university, you get new social connections, attend events, and take part in activities. Sitting at home in front of your laptop, you will lose it all.

Lack of Live Communication

You will hardly get a chance to talk with other students and the teacher on the same level of frequency online. More likely, you will just submit your paper and will wait for the result. However, within the communication, we can understand things easily. The online education reduces the chance to discuss the topics.

“Without motivation and willpower, no matter how trite it may sound, it is very difficult to understand all topics and tasks. Personally, I lacked lively communication with teachers, involvement in teamwork, and just student life. It’s convenient that with online education, it turns out to combine work and study, but, frankly, at the full-time department, I also found a part-time job and, at the same time remain completely immersed in university life” said a distant learner from a French university.

Lack of Familiar Information Carriers

Do you like paper textbooks and notebooks? You will hardly use them again. Working on your device is more preferable if you choose online learning. Living in a digital era, we carry all the information on our devices, but what if we get them discharged or with the error on its screen? It may seem not so critical for some people, while others still choose traditional textbooks for studying the material.

The Poor Internet Connection

The educational process may be disrupted or completely cancelled because of the lack of connection or its poor quality, although it is rare today. And if you are an avid traveller, then you are familiar with this problem firsthand in other countries.

Lack of a Clear Class Schedule

Online learning is flexible. It can be either an advantage or a drawback of distance education. The organizational issues which are resolved independently (there will be no headman of the group) are the fifth reason against distance education. Not everyone can organize themselves and engage on their own.

“In the past six months, my family has been sick for a long time, because of which I did not fit into the deadlines and will to repeat one course in the next semester,” says one student of a distance course at a German university.

“There are many problems with the educational part: curators change every year, everything is very confusing. The disciplined study is hard for me. First, it’s just laziness, and second, a big-time difference between my time zone and Germany. It turns out that the only classes begin at 2 a.m. from Friday to Saturday,” complained another student.

Lack of Discipline

Often students encounter difficulties in completing assignments that are sent to them in large numbers. To get admission to exams, you need to take various works on time during the semester, which solves the issue of discipline and self-control. Those who did not have time are late.

Excess Information

The inability to use the information leads to a great fail with completing your assignments. It even interferes with learning online. Not everyone can handle it. Thus, distance learning leads to certain difficulties that you just need to work with, learn to work with new information.

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Psychological Problems and Even Depression

Sitting at home affects the quality of personal and family life. People who don’t get enough social communication are more likely to get depression or even psychological problems. People from remote professions and freelancers are familiar with this problem.

The Inability to Use the Programs

You will face many new programs to use while completing your online courses. Some of them may require special pre-training. And this slows down the learning process until we master the programs. If you aren’t an IT student, you may find it challenging to cope with it all on your own.

Postponing the Tasks

Despite all the advantages of online learning, people often postpone doing tasks or attending seminars for later. This makes the educational process ineffective. If you attend live courses, you are always engaged in the process of studying. It increases your motivation to work on tasks while staying at home in your “zone of comfort” makes it harder even to work on the easiest tasks.

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