The Ten Most Sporting Cities in the World

The Ten Most Sporting Cities in the World

Every city has a speciality. For some, they’re a country’s seat of power, for others, they’re a cultural powerhouse. Some cities are known for their powerful industry, while others are popular destinations for tourists thanks to their beautiful beach locations.

Other times, big metropolitan areas become known for their sporting prowess. This is often because the city is home to a team with a long track record of success, though sometimes it may simply be the historical importance of a particular club that creates this fame.

For sports fans, visiting these cities can be a rite of passage – something high up on their bucket lists. But which cities should you try to get to first? These ten are certainly worth considering.


Liverpool is a port city in the northwest of England. It’s famous for many things, most notably being the birthplace of The Beatles. But it’s also got a long sporting heritage, primarily in soccer. It’s home to Liverpool and Everton, two clubs that have remained in the top flight of the English pyramid for generations.

Every year, you’ll also find the Grand National taking place in Liverpool. This is the UK’s most famous horse race, with millions of followers tuning in both at home and abroad.


Just down the road from Liverpool is Manchester. This former textile town has a similar history to its neighbour in that it’s long played an important part in English soccer history. It’s home to Manchester United and Manchester City, the two clubs that, together, have dominated the Premier League for almost its entire history.

New York

Across the pond, you’ll find New York, a city that’s famous for many things, of which, sport is definitely one of them.

New York is home to several major league teams, including the Yankees, Mets, Nets, Knicks, Giants, Jets, Devils, Islanders, Rangers, New York City FC, and Red Bulls. With so many, you’ll be sure to find games to watch, no matter what time of year you visit.

New Jersey

Just across the water from NYC is New Jersey, a state that’s got different reasons for being on this list. While New York has at least two teams in every major US league, NJ is the east-coast capital of sports betting.

Rivalling Las Vegas, New Jersey has plenty of sportsbooks in its giant casino resorts. However, it’s also a leader in online betting. The state has more digital bookies than anywhere else in the US, which is why you’ll find sites like OddsChecker can collate significantly more free bet offers there than places like Colorado and West Virginia.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the New York of the west coast, at least when it comes to sport. It has teams in every major league, including two of each in the MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL, and MLS. It’s also home to the Sparks WNBA teams and Angel City FC, a women’s soccer team.

You are absolutely not going to struggle to find tickets to a game, regardless of when you pay a visit to the City of Angels.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is, of course, the gaming and sports betting capital of both the United States and the world. You’ll find more sportsbooks there than you could ever imagine visiting, meaning odds are very competitive in the city.

But it’s not just about betting. Vegas recently enticed the Raiders NFL to move in, joining the Golden Knights NHL and Aces WNBA teams. You’ll also find regular boxing and MMA matches and, from 2023, a round of the Formula 1 World Championship.


Speaking of F1, Monaco is another sporting city that’s worth a visit. It’s a sharp contrast to many other cities on this list in that it’s petite and oozes wealth, but it’s also incredibly special and unique. Each spring, you can get up close and personal with roaring F1 cars, making it a must-visit destination for all petrolheads.


Moving to the land down under, Melbourne is a big sporting city. It’s home to an F1 race, but it’s also where you’ll find the Melbourne Sports and Entertainment Precinct. In and around this former Olympic site, you’ll find many of Australia’s most successful and famous sports teams.



Back in Britain, London is another key centre of sport. It’s where you’ll find more than half a dozen professional soccer teams, including Chelsea and Arsenal. It’s also home to Wimbledon, the only grass court Grand Slam, as well as Lords Cricket Ground, Wembley Stadium, and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.


Travelling further south to the Iberian Peninsula, we find Barcelona. The Spanish city is home to Barcelona FC, one of the most successful soccer clubs in the world. Their stadium, Camp Nou is also the biggest on the continent.

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