10 of the Best Places to Visit in Asia

10 of the Best Places to Visit in Asia

Asia is a beautiful continent, with many different cultures. Famous for its food, beaches, and hospitality, a visit to Asia will be a trip of a lifetime.

You will make all your friends jealous with your Instagram, and whether you are going on your own or with your partner, it will not disappoint.

To give you a helping hand, we have given you a list of 10 places to visit and the reasons why. Some places are more expensive than others, but all have their individual charm.

Let’s dive in!


Macau is China’s sin city, where you are legally allowed to play casino games like baccarat and blackjack. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but if you enjoy playing your favourite games on the go, whilst you are in Asia you are able to play online with a VPN.

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One of the most developed countries in the world, Japan is a mix of ultra-modern technology and charming tradition.

The food is also highly regarded, with Tokyo having some of the finest restaurants in the world. Also, if you enjoy the outdoors, be sure to take a trip to Mt Fuji.

Just don’t forget your travel eSim Japan so you can stay connected without any hassles while roaming around.


China is packed with history and has a unique culture. If you visit Beijing, be sure to check out the Forbidden City and of course the Great Wall of China for mesmerizing views.

Elsewhere, you will find modern cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Ningbo. There, you will be able to enjoy top-class hotels, at low prices, and a relaxing day out at the spa – Chinese style.


Known for its tropical beaches and delicious food, Thailand is as close to paradise as it gets. It has multiple islands, which are always popular with tourists with the most famous one being Koh Chang.

Besides the beautiful scenery, we’ve given you 10 reasons to visit Koh Chang, one of the most iconic islands, a destination you will never forget.


A place that is famous for religion and spirituality, India is the perfect place for you to go if you are into meditation, and searching within. Moreover, as it’s home to three major religions there are many beautiful temples to see.

The food is also wonderful in India. Depending on which region you go to, the spice will vary. Nonetheless, it’s super tasty and inexpensive.



The South Eastern Asian country is famous for its hospitality, magnificent beaches, and delicious fruit.

With over 7000 islands to explore, you will never be bored in the Philippines, and the locals are always happy to help.


Situated on the equator, Indonesia is a dream destination for many travellers. Bali is the most popular place to visit for Westerners, which has attractive beaches, bustling nightlife, and plenty of other ex-pats.

Indonesian people are welcoming, and the local cuisine is certainly one to tick off your bucket list. In addition, the island nation is the home of exotic wildlife such as the Komodo dragon.


Often a place visited by travellers, there are tons of reasons why! Firstly, it’s super cheap for a top-class apartment, and the food is sumptuous as well as not breaking the bank.

Furthermore, the climate is decent all year round making it perfect for beach days or just hanging out by the pool.


Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most well-known locations in the UAE because of their spectacular buildings, resorts, and fireworks shows.

It’s advised not to visit during Ramadan, as everything will be closed, but any other time of the year is a real insight into Arabic culture. Do not be put off if you enjoy drinking either, as most hotels serve alcohol.



Cambodia is one of the cheapest destinations on this list and is a terrific experience if you are looking for a party. On the other hand, there are UNESCO sites for you to check out such as Angkor Wat, an awe-inspiring Buddhist temple.

Rent is cheap but at the same time, high quality and the food is tasty. It’s become famous in recent years for being a backpackers hotspot as you can easily live and enjoy yourself in Cambodia for less than $700 per month.

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