Ten of The Very Best Reverse Phone Lookup Websites

Ten of The Very Best Reverse Phone Lookup Websites

Back then, people had to search through hundreds of pages from white and yellow pages to find the number of an old friend, a business colleague, or a business that they need its products and services. However, today’s technological advancements practically made these bulky books obsolete, as people can run a simple search online, and they will be able to find out the contact information they need. Still, there are some things that a simple Google search cannot provide, so it is essential to have a website that works the same as white and yellow pages.

Thankfully, some websites such as radaris.com phone number look-ups are so much easier. But its not jus phone numbers; things like addresses, email addresses, and even social media accounts can help you find friends and family long lost in the sands of time. This article will learn about the top 10 reverse phone lookup websites you can use and more about them.


Spokeo markets itself as your one-stop shop (not a shop) for your information needs. You can use Spokeo services for a wide variety of reasons, such as reverse phone lookup,  researching about your new prospects, reconnecting with old friends, or identifying unknown callers.

They believe that transparency and communication should be at the top of their priorities. With their 12 billion records organized orderly, they are one of the largest reverse phone lookup sites. Businesses and professionals also use Spokeo for background checks and other related purposes, so they exercise professionalism at all costs.

You can run a simple search on Spokeo, using the name, email address, or phone number of the person you’re trying to reach out to. It will provide you with many matches across the United States. Once you find out the specific person you are looking for, you can purchase their complete information for as low as 95 cents per person.

The search results from Spokeo are very comprehensive, as it even tells you the properties and the history behind those properties where the person stayed, the social media accounts it has, the aliases they used in their dating sites, and even criminal records in state and federal levels.

Spokeo is undoubtedly the best reverse phone lookup site for your information needs. They handle this kind of information with care and utmost professionalism.



Spytox has the information of over 275 million people in the country, from names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and more. In addition, they boast of having three million daily searches, which proves that they are also a credible reverse phone lookup site.



This website can help you put a name on that unidentified caller who called you incessantly while sleeping last night. It offers free information thanks to its tie-ups with many mobile carriers in the country. It will give you the name of the person who called you in a matter of seconds.

Ten of The Very Best Reverse Phone Lookup Websites



With ZLOOKUP, you can search the phone number, and it will return the name of the person to you, wherever they are in the world. In addition, they boast of their collaboration with Numlookup, another tremendous reverse phone lookup website, for the validity and accuracy of their searches for their users.



This website allows people to reconnect with their old friends by giving them access to their personal information, such as phone numbers and addresses. They also allow people to remove their records on their website with a simple request.



This website offers free name lookup and reverse phone lookup for people living in the US. They will first give you the basic information tied to the person. Then, they can provide you with a full background check on the person for a small fee, including their personal data.


White Pages

The iconic white pages we had on our telephone booths back then are now online. This website offers a lot of personal information on the person you are looking for, such as carrier information, court records, financial records, professional licenses, and even scam or fraud ratings.



This website promises safety and anonymity when you search for a particular person’s personal information. In addition, they provide you with different kinds of information related to the search, such as criminal records, fraudulent activities, professional licenses, and many others.

Ten of The Very Best Reverse Phone Lookup Websites


Instant Checkmate

This website makes it easy for people looking for lost friends and relatives to find them online with their information. You can also join their membership plan, where you can do unlimited searches for a monthly subscription fee.



Aside from the standard information such as contact information and addresses, this website also provides criminal records, dark web scans, and even family trees, making it the best choice for people looking for their long-lost relatives.


Our Takeaway

Reverse phone lookup websites make our lives easier with their comprehensive research and background checks, allowing us to reconnect with old contacts or search about potential dates and prospects. In addition, these websites provide the accountability and transparency that we all deserve.


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